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DevToolsDigest: Issue #54

Today's digest includes news and resources from RainforestQA, To Be Continuous, Treasure Data, LaunchDarkly, Fly.io, and Tamao Nakahara.

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    The Day in Developer Tools

    To Be Continuous Ep. #36, The Risks of Selling User Data

    In the latest episode of To Be Continuous, Edith and Paul examine the backlash that Unroll.me faced over selling user data to other companies.

    IT Briefcase Interview: How CTOs Close the Tech Gap with Open Source

    To compete in the digital economy, enterprise companies have much to gain from understanding and leveraging open source innovation. It’s never too late because this stream of innovation gets stronger every day as new and established communities continue to churn out powerfully transformative software.

    Surviving the First 90 Days as an Engineering Leader

    What does it take to lead a world-class development organization? To find out, RainforestQA asked successful CTOs to weigh in.

    When Feature Flags Go Bad

    Sammy Connelly tweeted "some visual notes for a pretty awesome talk on feature flags and when they go wrong, some fun stories were shared #ndcsydney”

    One Hostname to Rule Them All

    Search-Engine Optimization is vital for a healthy flow of organic traffic to arrive at your pages. How you describe, label, host, secure and organize your pages is directly related to the strength of your search rankings. Within this article, Fly.io shares the mythical, precious SEO power of the One Hostname to Rule Them All.

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Building Successful Developer Communities

    Tamao Nakahara offers examples of how, at New Relic, Pivotal and VMware's Cloud Foundry, she built user engagement campaigns and supported champions programs via cultivated incentives. She explains how you can build a sustainable and ROI-focused evangelism team and champion program, all while managing the pressures of a tough market, with authentic content and increased reach.