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DevToolsDigest: Issue #242

This week's digest will be the last of the year. See you again in 2023!

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Sanity Studio v3: Simplified Yet Powerful Customization

    Most content management systems claim that you can get up and running quickly, but none let you gain speed down the road. Studio v3 uses known patterns from frontend development, enabling you to ship faster and work on what matters with less context switching. This is their biggest release of Sanity Studio since it was launched out of beta in 2017.

    The Most Comprehensive List of DevOps Tools (70+) for 2023

    As you might have heard by now, DevOps and Cloud Engineering aren’t about obsessing over specific tools. It’s about fostering a continuous improvement culture and focusing on best practices and fundamental concepts to build architectures that fit your needs.

    Industry Research

    Telling Fair Stories with a Full Perspective on Open Source with Brian Douglas

    In this episode, Brian and Emily Omier explore the origins and future of OpenSauced, including his hopes for how providing different insights can help contributors find worthy projects and maintainers identify their best contributors.

    How Netflix Syncs Hundreds of Millions of Devices

    Syncing between all these devices for all of their users requires an immense amount of communication between Netflix’s backend and all the various clients (iOS, Android, smart TV, web browser, Roku, etc.). At peak, it can be about 150,000 events per second.

    Developer Venture News

    Cybersecurity Startup Snyk Valued at $7.4B After Latest Funding

    Snyk, a Boston-based developer security company, said that it raised $196.5 million in Series G funding. Why it matters:Because the company isn't shying away from the fact that this is a down round, as its $7.4 billion valuation is 12% lower than when Snyk raised money last fall.

    All Signs Point to IT Spending Rising in 2023

    For startups, a key predictor of future results is the direction of IT spending, something that we can track. When companies are spending money on tech, the reasoning goes, both established and younger companies should benefit. If they’re not, both should suffer.

    From the Heavybit Library

    Heavybit Trend Report: What to Know About 2023 Market + Talent Conditions for Engineering Leaders

    Engineering leaders, create a 2023 gameplan.Get actionable tips on some of the most important budget and talent considerations for 2023. This executive summary covers macroeconomic trends and shifts in the hiring market so you can better understand how 2023’s market conditions will affect you. Read the Report

    The Challenge of Building Marketplaces for Developers

    In this article, Karl Hughes explores network effects–specifically, network effects for developer marketplaces. By the end, you’ll understand why so few developer-focused network businesses have succeeded, and if you’re interested in incorporating network effects into your business, you’ll have a better idea how to make them work.