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DevToolsDigest: Issue #214

This week's digest includes news and resources from Vercel, Darklang, CircleCI, Typeform, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Monorepos are Changing How Teams Build Software

    The largest software companies in the world use monorepos. Monorepos are codebases containing multiple projects, often using multiple frameworks, in a single unified code repository. But historically, adopting a monorepo for anything other than at a Facebook or Google scale was difficult, time-consuming, and often filled with headaches. 

    Darklang Year in Review

    Darklang is an integrated programming language, editor, and cloud infrastructure, making it trivial to program APIs and build backend applications. In 2021, founder Paul Biggar decided to focus on a much needed backend rewrite to create a strong technical platform for the future.

    Industry Research

    Airbnb's Architecture

    Airbnb has been through three major stages in their architecture since the company’s founding. Airbnb started as a Ruby on Rails monolith, then transitioned to a microservices architecture and has now migrated to a hybrid between micro and macroservices (a macroservice aggregates multiple microservices).

    Developer Venture News

    CircleCI Acquires Ponicode

    Continuous integration and delivery platform CircleCI announced that it has acquired Ponicode, a startup that helps developers automate their unit tests and track their overall test coverage. While the company already offers some testing capabilities, its typical user base is operations teams that set up and manage their CI/CD pipelines through its tools. With this move, CircleCI aims to get closer to the developer workflow.

    Typeform’s $135M Series C is Just the Beginning

    The Series C brings Typeform’s total investment to more than $187 million since its founding a decade ago, in 2012 — before the explosion of no/low code tools we’ve seen coming to market in recent years, touting a whole range of services that claim to make it easier for non-techie professionals to build and deploy their own custom digital experiences and workflows.

    From Heavybit

    Moving into the Enterprise: Fireside with Postman's Founder and CEO

    In this DevGuild: Developer-First Go-To-Market finale fireside, Adam Gross is joined by Abhinav Asthana for an honest and open conversation about the challenges founders overcome when making their leap into the enterprise.

    Getting There Ep. #2: The December 2021 AWS Outages

    In episode 2 of Getting There, Nora and Niall discuss the socio-technical aspects of the AWS outages that occurred in December 2021. Together they unpack what happened, the inherent implications, and how organizations can learn from outages at such scale.