Heavybit Launches Developer Startup Library


As part of our commitment to education, and in addition to our recent Heavybit blog launch, we’re launching a library for cloud infrastructure and developer startups.

Heavybit’s nine month program teaches technical co-founders and developer-facing startups what they might not know — namely, go-to-market strategy, ops strategy, building a sales team and managing marketing/PR. The companies building cloud infrastructure & developer services face a unique set of challenges and our curriculum is meant to get them up to speed.

The library includes videos from our weekly members-only Speaker Series featuring execs from Dropbox, Twilio, Salesforce and New Relic. In the coming weeks we’ll also include useful articles from advisors, startups and members.

For now, the following presentations are the first in 50+ hours of video for dev-facing startups:

  • New Relic Biz Dev VP Bill Lapcevic Talks Blocking and Tackling: Rapid growth is critical to startup success, but hiring sales people only scales linearly. When properly conceived and executed, partnerships can help you gain traction and leverage the reach of much larger organizations. New Relic’s VP of Business Development Bill Lapcevic talks about building partnerships, BD blocking & tackling, and the skills most organizations lack but need.
  • Runscope CEO John Sheehan on Evangelism and Hero Making: For those in developer relations, hero making is the act of helping others find success. CEO of Runscope, former partnership lead at IFTTT, and lead developer evangelist at Twilio, John Sheehan discusses how evangelists shape communities. From tips on event management, to hiring your first evangelists, to running contests and hackathons — Sheehan teaches Heavybit members how to separate the true hero makers from the hired guns.
  • Opscode founder and Chef Co-Creator Jesse Robbins on Expensive Mistakes: Opscode founder, Chef Co-Creator and former Amazon Dev Ops “master of disaster” Jesse Robbins speaks to Heavybit members about the expensive mistakes he’s seen in his time as an entrepreneur and now investor. Among them, avoiding procurement, mistaking partnerships for revenue and allowing your community to be run under a VP of marketing and sales. Says Robbins, “B2D is B2B: The reality is that each of us has to make products that people at a company are willing to use and pay for.”

For more on Speaker Series visit the Heavybit program page. To suggest a featured video or article, email dana[at]heavybit.com. And finally, to check out the library visit https://heavybit.com/library.