Announcing Joe Ruscio: Heavybit General Partner

Heavybit welcomes the experienced devtool founder and investor Joe Ruscio to its partnership team.


I am delighted to share that Joe Ruscio is joining Heavybit as a General Partner.

Heavybit is all about bringing together great people to help companies scale. Joe is one of those people. As a founder he has hard-won experience successfully scaling developer and infrastructure companies, broad operational expertise building high performing teams, and a deep understanding of technology and the fundamental changes that are happening in the market.

Joe and I first met in 2013 in the early days of Heavybit. At the time he was co-founder & CTO of Librato and was busy scaling out the engineering org and building product. I remember being impressed with not just how strong of a technologist he was, but also how well he understood the market and his eye for longer term strategy. Over several months we got to know each other and talked more about how Heavybit could help. Librato joined Heavybit as member #17. The company quickly grew to thousands of customers, processing billions of data-points every day and in just over 3 years and with less than $6 million in funding, Librato was acquired by SolarWinds for $40 million. Joe continued on at SolarWinds where he helped set strategy and drive their cloud business through the acquisition and integration of several companies and products.

Joe remained an active member of the alumni community throughout his time at Solarwinds and in 2016 we recruited him to be a Part-time Partner. Since then he’s done an incredible job mentoring other Heavybit members. He’s spent hundreds of hours working with founders on everything from building out hiring plans, to designing enterprise pricing strategies. Joe’s advice and support have proven invaluable and that’s why I’m so excited to be adding him as a General Partner.

Please join me in congratulating Joe on his new full-time role.