Announcing Heavybit’s latest fund

Heavybit's latest fund will help us build on our previous successes and help us invest in, launch, and bring to market the next generation of groundbreaking developer-first startups.


I am thrilled to announce Heavybit’s latest $80m fund to invest in developer-first startups. With this fund – Heavybit Fund IV – we will invest $500k to $3m in early-stage devtool and enterprise software companies based anywhere in the world. I am also excited to announce that Chef co-founder and DevOps pioneer Jesse Robbins has joined Heavybit full time as a General Partner.

We started Heavybit with a singular goal - to help developer-first start-ups build their go-to-market. Since then we have been fortunate to help over 65 companies and over 140 founders, including some of the best and brightest of our industry like ApolloGraphQL, CircleCI, Contentful, LaunchDarkly, Mux, Netlify, PagerDuty, Snyk and Tailscale. But we certainly haven’t done it alone.

Alongside our very talented team, we have enlisted the help of hundreds of incredible founders and execs from the wider developer tools and enterprise software community. This diverse set of folks have contributed their time, experience and wisdom to our portfolio through 1:1 office hours, group sessions and countless talks. And now, with our latest fund, close to 50 founders and early execs – including folks from Datadog, Fastly, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Sumo Logic and many of our alumni founders - are joining as LPs to invest in and alongside Heavybit.

Together, we have a shared vision to improve the lives of developers. We will be talking more about what we believe in and how we do that in due course. In the meantime, if you share that vision – if you’re a technical founder looking for funding, or work at a devtools company and want to get involved – please do get in touch.

On a final note, I would just like to thank the many founders, advisors and investors who have helped get Heavybit to where it is today. Their hard work and support has been invaluable, and we’re excited to invest in the next wave of developer-first founders and start-ups.

-Tom Drummond