About People

Heavybit Partners

Tom Drummond

Managing Director

Tom manages Heavybit’s investor and member relations and helps developer companies with go-to-market strategy, fundraising and operations.

Dana Oshiro

General Partner & GM

Dana manages Heavybit’s team, accelerator, and designed the first program curriculum for Heavybit’s founders.

Joe Ruscio

General Partner

Joe co-founded Librato and helped steer the company to a successful acquisition by SolarWinds where he ran development of multiple SaaS dev products.

James Lindenbaum

Part-time Partner

After founding Heroku, James established Heavybit as the only community and program to focus solely on developer company go-to-market strategy.

Jesse Robbins

Part-time Partner

Jesse is Founder & Chairman of Orion Labs. Previously, Jesse founded Chef, helped start the DevOps movement, and served as Amazon’s “Master of Disaster.”

Heavybit Operations Team

Ted Carstensen

Program & Education

Ted manages Heavybit’s advisor network and facilitates knowledge sharing through the programming of speaker series, office hours, group sessions and Heavybit’s DevGuild conference series.

Mina Benothman


Mina manages our online presence and communications, from the editorial calendar for the Heavybit Library to event promotions.

Heavybit Faculty Chairs

Nicolas Draca

Marketing Faculty Chair

Nicolas is the CMO at HackerRank. Previously, Nicolas worked as the VP of Marketing at Twilio. He advises on how to reach new markets, promote new product features, build demand engines, and generate awareness.

Trenton Truitt

Sales Faculty Chair

Trenton is Wizeline’s SVP of Sales, Customer Success & Delivery. He was the VP of Worldwide Sales at PagerDuty and ​has led sales orgs at Appcelerator, EMC, and PTC. He is an expert in designing and executing sales strategies.

Nisha Ahluwalia

Marketing Faculty Chair

Nisha is the former CMO of PagerDuty and VP of Product Marketing at RingCentral. She is now a consulting CMO working with startups to develop go-to-market strategy and build their marketing organizations.

Cole Krumbholz

Product Faculty Chair

Cole founded Brace.io and led the company to an acquisition by Squarespace where he now leads the Developer Platform team. He is passionate about design, visualization and user experience.

Heavybit Investors

Bubba Murarka

Bubba has invested and advised 30+ early stage startups including Udemy, Smule, Marco Polo, CircleCI, Periscope Data, Atrium, Kettle & Fire, and Seesaw. His favorite side hustle is consulting for HBO’s Silicon Valley TV series.

Kevin Mahaffey

SNR Ventures

Kevin is the founder of SNR Ventures. He is also the CTO and Founder of Lookout, a cybersecurity company focused on protecting mobile and cloud data for over a hundred million individuals and the world’s largest organizations.

Fred van den Bosch

TA Capital

Fred is the General Partner at TA Capital. Previously he co-founded and served as CEO of Librato.

Tom Preston-Werner

Tom is an angel investor and co-founder of GitHub. Other projects include Codestarter, Gravatar and Jekyll.

Ameet Patel

Apria Group

Ameet is an Angel Investor and Whisperer. Some of his companies include: Anaplan, BigID, Cribl, Fireblocks, LeanIX, Orca, Starburst, Snyk & Vast Data.

Eric Lindvall

Eric Lindvall is the co-founder of Papertrail and Seven Scale. Previously, he sold Cloudvox, a telephony startup.

Steve Anderson

Baseline Ventures

Steve is the founder of Baseline Ventures with a number of successes as an early-stage investor. Anderson’s existing portfolio companies in the developer marketing include Crashlytics, CircleCI, and Pantheon.

Tony Askew

Reed Elsevier Ventures

Tony is a founding partner of Reed Elsevier Ventures and an investor and board member at several big data, infrastructure, and enterprise software companies including SpaceCurve, Netli, and Siperian.

Kevin Brown

Reed Elsevier Ventures

Kevin is a founding partner of RE Ventures and is an investor in media, cloud and big data companies. Past investments include GigaOM, Inxight, and Palantir.

Derek Collison


Derek is the founder and CEO of Apcera and has over two decades of large-scale, distributed systems experience. Prior to Apcera, Derek was CTO and Chief Architect at VMware where he architected the CloudFoundry platform.

John Connors

Ignition Partners

John is a Partner at the early stage venture capital fund, Ignition Partners. He’s an active investor in developer-focused companies and sits on the board of Splunk, Opscode, and Parse. Previously he was on the board of Heroku and Xensource.

Michael Dearing

Harrison Metal

Michael is the founder of Harrison Metal. He’s an investor in several developer-focused companies including PagerDuty, StackMob, and Recurly and is an expert on productizing emerging technologies, go-to-market, product marketing, & pricing.

Roger Ehrenberg

IA Ventures

Roger is the founder and managing partner of IA Ventures. Roger is an active seed and early-stage investor since 2004 backing startups including Bitly, Metamarkets, and DataSift.

Eric Frenkiel


Eric is co-founder and CEO of MemSQL. Previously he was a Partner Engineer at Facebook and Product Specialist at Marin Software. Eric was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

Chris Howard

Fuel Capital

Chris is the co-founder of Fuel Capital, an early stage venture fund. Previously at Ignition Partners, Chris invested in Parse, Pagerduty, Zencoder, Mashape, WePay, and Hipmunk.

Ethan Kurzweil

Bessemer Venture Partners

Ethan is a partner at Bessemer Venture Parnters where he leads the developer platforms vertical. His investments include Twilio, Sendgrid, Intercom, Nitrous.io, and npm.

Jeremy LaTrasse

Message Bus

Jeremy is co-founder and CEO of Message Bus. He was previously a co-founder and Operations Manager at Twitter and the Operations Lead at Odeo.

David Lee

Refactor Capital

David is a managing partner at Refactor Capital. Most recently, David was the Managing Partner at SV Angel. He helped start the New Business Development Group at Google and spent time at Baseline Ventures.

Ping Li

Accel Partners

Ping is a partner at Accel Partners and has over two decades of experience as a technology investor and operating executive. He focuses on cloud computing, networking and security, and is responsible for Accel’s Big Data fund.

Matt Ocko

Data Collective

Matt is the co-founder of Data Collective. He has backed developer-focused companies such as Couchbase, Cloudability, Appurify, Firebase, MongoHQ, and Parse.

Scott Raney

Redpoint Ventures

Scott is a partner at Redpoint Ventures. His expertise in cloud computing and enterprise infrastructure has helped him invest and grow a number of dev-focussed success stories including Heroku, Stripe, and Twilio.

Brad Silverberg

Fuel Capital

Brad is the co-founder of Fuel Capital and a founding partner of Ignition Partners. He has invested in TellMe, Heroku, Xensource, Sourcelabs, Seven, Skytap, Hipmunk, and Keas.

John Somorjai


John is EVP of Corporate Development & Strategy at Salesforce, where he handles mergers, acquisitions, and investments. Previously, he worked at Ingenio and Oracle.

Heavybit Program Advisors

Adam Gross


Adam was CEO of Heroku and specializes in platform marketing for developers. He’s helped scale and grow world-class developer communities for Personify, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

Adam Wiggins


Adam Wiggins is a Heroku co-founder and author of definitive work “The 12 Factor App”. As a product visionary and CTO, he’s been instrumental in shaping the modern development lifecycle and effectively scaling teams.

Alex Polvi


Alex is responsible for pushing forward the application container industry. He is the CEO of CoreOS, the creator of Tectonic, and many open source projects such as CoreOS Linux, rkt, and etcd.

Arup Chakrabarti


Arup is a master at scaling complex architectures and has managed and built operations at Amazon and Netflix. He currently helps improve availability and reliability for his many customers at PagerDuty.

Bridget Gleason


Bridget advises members on sales management including go-to-market strategy, recruiting, lead generation, and customer retention. She’s held executive positions at Logz.io, Sumo Logic, Yesware, and Engine Yard. 

Claire Hunsaker


Claire helps technology startups increase marketing performance and develop strategic messaging. She is an expert in product marketing and PR with previous experience at Samasource and LiveOps.

Craig Kerstiens

Citus Data

Craig is a developer marketing expert and blogs frequently about Python, Django, and Postgres. He is an early member of Heroku where he launched the company’s Python support and ran the Heroku Postgres team.

Dave Hersh

Zag Partners

Dave helps early-stage companies create and win markets, and assemble rockstar teams. Previously, he was founding CEO of Jive, where his leadership grew them from an open source project to a $55M pre-IPO company.

Des Traynor


Des is an experienced interaction designer with a passion for designing web applications. He is the co-founder of Intercom and writes regularly on topics including product strategy, user experience, and the business of startups.

Don MacLennan

Bluenose Analytics

Don advises Heavybit companies on post-sales, customer success, and preventing churn.  He is the CEO and cofounder of Bluenose Analytics.

Geva Perry

Startup Advisor

Geva is an expert in software pricing and product and helps developer companies move from developer traction to enterprise sales. His blog, Thinking Out Cloud, is widely read and he has been named as one of the 12 Top Thinkers in Cloud Computing.

Hiten Shah

Quick Sprout & Crazy Egg

As a serial entrepreneur passionate about growth hacking and helping other founders, Hiten is a frequent startup advisor. He is co-founder and President of KISSmetrics and previously co-founded CrazyEgg.

Ilya Sukhar


Ilya is an investor, entrepreneur, and advisor to startups, both individually and as a part-time partner at Y Combinator. Previously, Illya founded Parse, a mobile infrastructure company acquired by Facebook.

Ivan Kirigin


Ivan has run countless growth experiments and is an expert in crafting and optimizing referral programs. He helped Dropbox grow 12X in 2 years and is now serving as a founder at YesGraph.

Javier Soltero


Javier shines at designing and developing infrastructure management companies. He’s held senior engineering positions at VMware and Netscape, and is the founder of Acompli which was acquired by Microsoft for $200M.

Jeff Burkland

Burkland Associates

Jeff is an expert in tactical financial management with a specialization in business plan development, financial modeling, executive and board-level reporting, and process improvement. He is the founder of Burkland Associates.

John Sheehan


John has 15+ years of developer evangelism experience at Twilio and IFTTT. As the co-founder and CEO of Runscope he led the company to a successful acquisition by CA Technologies. 

Jon Dahl


Jon is an expert at running lean startups, increasing revenue growth, and managing scalable cloud platform architecture. As a co-founder and CEO he grew Zencoder to become the world’s largest and fastest encoding platform.

Kris Duggan


Kris knows developer sales and sales teams inside out. He ran enterprise sales at WebEx, and as founder and CEO of Badgeville, he grew sales to 8 figures in revenue in under 36 months.

Krithika Muthukumar


Krithika  leads product marketing at Stripe, where she works on everything from their website and launches to sales collateral and international marketing. She’s previously worked on marketing at Dropbox and Google.

Les Hazlewood


Les is an open source guru and enterprise architect with a focus on building large-scale and distributed computing. He is now the co-founder and CTO of Stormpath.

Marcy Campbell


Marcy is an expert in early-stage sales and business development for developer startups. Previously, she has had sales roles at Engine Yard, CA Technologies and most recently at Qubole.

Marty Cagan

Silicon Valley Product Group

Marty is an expert in product strategy and the author of the book, Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love. He has held executive product positions at eBay, AOL, Netscape, and HP.

Matt Soldo


Matt specializes in early-stage, growth-oriented products. He’s an alumni of Heroku, PayPal, Amazon, Cisco, and PeopleSoft. His professional interests include enterprise software, sales operations, and business development.

Melissa Smolensky


Melissa has extensive experience in developer-focused public and analyst relations, thought leadership, and strategic messaging. She leads Marketing at CoreOS and previously ran PR for Chartio and Rackspace.

Michael Dearing

Harrison Metal

Michael is the founder of Harrison Metal. He’s an investor in several developer-focused companies including PagerDuty, StackMob, and Recurly and is an expert on productizing emerging technologies, go-to-market, product marketing, & pricing.

Morgan Mackles


Morgan is the former SVP of Sales at Iron.io where he built out commercial sales processes. He is now the VP of Sales at x.ai and host of Heavybit’s Sales Master Class.

Oren Teich


Oren is an expert in managing people, product, and processes. Previously, he was the GM of Heroku where he helped grow the company from 9 to 150 people.

Peter van Hardenberg


Peter is an expert in building products, systems, and teams. As a founding member of the Heroku Postgres team he has been responsible for designing, developing, and operating the largest cluster of Postgres databases in the world.

Rachel Chalmers

Merian Ventures

A noted author and speaker on enterprise-IT topics, Rachel specializes in helping software companies solve complicated and urgent business problems. She joined Merian Ventures after a career as an investor, technology analyst and journalist.

Tiffany Spencer

Bessemer Venture Partners

Tiffany works with Bessemer Venture Partners’ portfolio providing strategic counsel on communications and marketing initiatives. She was named one of Business Insider’s “Best 50 Communications Pros In Technology.”

Todd Feinroth


Todd is a master at managing enterprise software sales motions and building multi-channel commercial organizations. He has previously worked for companies including Distelli, CFengine, and Chef Software.

Waqas Makhdum


Waqas advises on developer marketing. He leads AWS’ Mobile Services developer marketing and is a mentor at mobile technologies incubator Scaler.co.

Priyanka Sharma


Priyanka specializes in early-stage product marketing and demand generation. She is currently the Director of Alliances at GitLab and previously was the first marketing hire at LightStep and cofounded WakaTime.

Jeremy Glassenberg

API Strategist

Jeremy managed platform product teams and developer relations at Box and Tradeshift. While leading product at the API Strategist consultancy, he has helped companies in supply chain, fintech, e-commerce and drones to grow their API ecosystems.