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  3. The Anatomy of Heroku’s Product Team
JUL 25, 2014 - NaN MIN

The Anatomy of Heroku’s Product Team

  • Product

Peter is a co-founder of the Heroku Postgres product team. For over three years he has been responsible for designing, developing, and operating the largest cluster of Postgres databases in the world. He knows how to get databases running, keep them safe and ticking fast.

  • Introduction
    • Anatomy of Product Team
  • Product Toolbox
    • Design Principles
    • Weekly Planning
    • One-on-One
    • The Daily Status
    • The Offsite
    • The Artifact
    • The Dashboard
    • The Sweeper
    • The Chemex
    • The Starter Project
    • The Immigration Project
  • Mistakes Were Made
    • Take Management Seriously
    • Track Support & On-Call Trends
    • Web Designers Don't Get It
    • Contractors & Outsourcing
    • Team Wide vs 1/1 Communication
    • Your Organization is a Product
  • Off The Record