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  • General Management
AUG 1, 2014 - 42 MIN

SaaS Business Model Metrics


Knowing how to identify and measure key financial indicators can be critical to wisely investing your business’s limited resources. There are several highly important dashboard metrics for SaaS businesses, which factor in at different stages of company growth. Measuring them correctly is crucial, and can be much more complex than it seems. Jeff will show us how to measure and communicate these key metrics through his own case-studies and extensive experience implementing them for many startups.

  • Introduction
  • SaaS Metrics - The Basics
    • What are Financial Metrics?
    • What Do They Tell Me?
    • Calculating Metrics?
    • Objections
    • Metrics - Series A
    • Metrics - Series B
    • Fixing Poor Metrics
  • Intermediate-Level Metrics
    • Problems with Pro-forma Metrics
    • Cohort Analysis
    • Cohort Case Study 1
    • Cohort Case Study 2
    • Other Cohort Benefits
  • Getting Good at Metrics
    • Understanding Customers
    • Segmented Cohorts
  • Q&A