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  3. Heavybit’s Wheelhouse Presents: Michael Coté on Continuous Delivery
FEB 27, 2015 - 22 MIN

Heavybit’s Wheelhouse Presents: Michael Coté on Continuous Delivery


Pivotal Labs’ Michael Coté (formerly 451 Group) offers his “State of the Industry” presentation to Heavybit’s Wheelhouse attendees including insights on where commercial enterprises are adopting continuous delivery tools and where they need to invest further in order to improve their CD/CI pipelines.


On February 17th, Heavybit launched it’s inaugural Wheelhouse. This event brought together a selection of Heavybit’s member companies (Apiary, CircleCI, Takipi, Gradleware and Codenvy) and 30 of their customers to discuss the topic of continuous delivery. To kick off the day, attendees enjoyed talks from Nike CTO Chris Satchell and Pivotal Labs’ Michael Coté (formerly 451 Group). Coté’s talk in particular offers a great “State of the Industry” look at the CI/CD ecosystem and the adoption rate of continuous delivery tools and processes amongst large commercial enterprises.

After presenting his research on how companies are attempting to deploy software quickly and reliably, he notes, “There’s actually a tremendous amount of discipline, process, and careful work involved in running a business with a continuous delivery engine. It’s much more than just using a tool. It relies on building out and perfecting the entire pipeline.”

To check out Coté’s Wheelhouse talk, watch the video below and read his related blog post.