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  3. Bessemer’s Commandments for Dev-Focused Companies
AUG 29, 2014 - NaN MIN

Bessemer’s Commandments for Dev-Focused Companies

  • General Management

Ethan focuses on investments in consumer technologies and developer platforms. He is particularly excited about consumer video start-ups and companies “developerizing the enterprise,” his phrase for companies that provide non-technical business users with powerful tools and potential impact without requiring them to code.

  • Introduction
    • Ethan's Background
    • Who is BVP
  • Developer Platforms - An Investor's Perspective
    • Why Developers?
    • What Does BVP Look For?
  • Seven Commandments to Building a Big Business
    • Commandment One
    • Commandment Two
    • Commandment Three
    • Commandment Four
    • Commandment Five
    • Commandment Six
    • Commandment Seven
    • Commandment Eight (Bonus)
  • Getting Funded
    • Seed Stage
    • Series A
    • Series B
  • Off-the-Record
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