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JUN 20, 2014 - NaN MIN

Analyst Relations Secrets from 451 and RedMonk

  • Marketing

It’s not always clear why analysts are important to startups. In this talk, 451 researcher and former Redmonk analyst Michael Cote discusses what analysts do, how they impact your business, and what motivates them. Cote offers prep tactics for briefings and consultations and helps Heavybit members add value while building their analyst relations strategies.

  • Introduction
  • Quick Goals: Influence, Advice
  • Reasons to Talk with Analysts (for vendors)
    • Influence: Connect and Broadcast
    • Research: Market Education
    • Consulting: Direct Your Decisions
  • What Analysts Produce
    • Reports
    • Rankings
    • Market Analysis (sizing and share)
    • Others
  • Speaking with Analysts
    • Establish goals
    • Identify types
    • Determine how they're paid
  • Briefings
    • Format
    • Tactics
    • Startups: Seem Bigger
  • Ongoing Engagement
  • Off-the-record
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