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Thanks for listening to Road To Growth, a bi-weekly podcast exploring what it takes for a sales team to succeed beyond merely hitting quotas. Our first guests include Iron.io CEO, Chad ArimuraLaunchDarkly CEO, Edith Harbaugh, Bluenose Analytics CEO, Don MacLennan, and Keen.io CEO, Kyle Wild. Each has a different perception of sales, and each offers valuable lessons for success that you can’t miss.

To join the show as a guest, contact us at roadtogrowth@heavybit.com or tweet at us at @roadtogrowth_

Everyone that tries to grow a company accumulates a wealth of knowledge as to what drives an upward or downward trend. A key driver of growth is sales, but what does that actually encompass?

Road To Growth hosts leaders from top companies with a spectrum of perspectives to discuss sales beyond simply hitting quotas. Marketing heavily influences the top of the sales funnel. Support and customer success contribute to account growth and retention. Fundraising requires managing a pipeline of leads and opportunities. Product and engineering teams keep battle cards tilted in your favor. Sales is everywhere, and we want to share it all with you.

Road To Growth will empower you to make better decisions when faced with the tough problems surrounding your sales organization. Ideas and processes we discuss may not be the route you choose, but with a deeper understanding of how sales can be integrated throughout your company, the scales will tip in your favor… and isn’t that all you can ask for in sales?

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