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Ep. #39, Sell The Sizzle with Jordan Simonovski of Atlassian
June 4, 2021

with Jordan Simonovski

In episode 39 of o11ycast, Charity and Liz speak with Jordan Simonovski of Atlassian. They explore the differences between tracing and logging, tactics for measuring reliability, and the journey of the observability team at Atlasssian.

Ep. #38, Infrastructure Changes with Andy Davies of Reaktor
May 21, 2021

with Andy Davies

In episode 38 of o11ycast, Charity and Liz speak with Andy Davies of Reaktor. Their conversation covers the importance of instrumentation, the prevalence of structured logging, and the potential risks of modifying database infrastructure.

Ep. #37, Synchronization Layers and Logs with Garry Shutler of Cronofy
April 30, 2021

with Garry Shutler

In episode 37 of o11ycast, Charity and Shelby speak with Garry Shutler of Cronofy. Together they pull back the curtain on building scheduling tools, making observability tools accessible to teams, and keeping deploys boring.

Ep. #36, Resilience Engineering with Jacob Scott of Stripe
April 15, 2021

with Jacob Scott

In episode 36 of o11ycast, Charity and Liz speak with Jacob Scott of Stripe about the need for SRE teams, prioritizing customer happiness, and the limitations of distributed tracing tools.

Ep. #35, Government Software Systems with Mark Ferlatte of Truss
March 12, 2021

with Mark Ferlatte

In episode 35 of o11ycast, Charity and Shelby speak with Mark Ferlatte of Truss. They discuss government software system failures and successes including and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Ep. #34, Diminishing Complexity with Jaana Dogan of AWS
February 25, 2021

with Jaana Dogan

In episode 34 of o11ycast, Charity and Liz speak with Jaana Dogan of AWS. They discuss Jaana’s career journey, life before observability tools, and reducing system complexity within large organizations.

Ep. #33, Information Accessibility with Katy Farmer of CircleCI
January 29, 2021

with Katy Farmer

In episode 33 of o11ycast, Charity and Shelby are joined by Katy Farmer of CircleCI. They discuss learned helplessness, understanding complicated systems through direct experience, and championing devs to fail gracefully.

Ep. #32, Managing Hardware with Gianluca Arbezzano of Equinix Metal
January 14, 2021

with Gianluca Arbezzano

In episode 32 of o11ycast, Liz and Shelby speak with Gianluca Arbezzano of Equinix Metal. They discuss diversifying the way observability is evangelized, the indicators that an organization has outgrown off-the-shelf tools, and managing hardware.

Ep. #31, Rewarding Curiosity with Ellen Chisa of Dark
December 23, 2020

with Ellen Chisa

In episode 31 of o11ycast, Charity Majors and Ellen Chisa of Dark discuss the benefits of making observability tools more accessible, tailoring feedback to individuals, and the many ways software may change in the years to come.