Library Podcasts

Ep. #12, Speed of Deployment with Rich Archbold of Intercom
September 12, 2019

with Rich Archbold

In episode 12 of O11ycast, Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones speak with Rich Archbold of Intercom. They discuss the crucial importance of timely shipping, high-cardinality metrics, and the engineering value of running less software.

Ep. #11, Chaos Engineering with Ana Medina of Gremlin
August 15, 2019

with Ana Medina

In episode 11 of O11ycast, Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones speak with Gremlin chaos engineer Ana Medina. They discuss the relevance of breaking things in order to engineer them more efficiently, monitoring vs observability, and chaos engineering at scale.

Ep. #10, Measuring Technical Debt with Bugsnag CEO James Smith
July 18, 2019

with James Smith

In episode 10 of O11ycast, Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones speak with Bugsnag CEO James Smith. They discuss the seemingly impossible ways an organization can measure technical debt and how they can attempt to reduce it.

Ep. #9, High Performance DevOps with Jez Humble
March 12, 2019

with Jez Humble

In episode 9 of o11ycast, Charity and Rachel sit down with Jez Humble, Co-Founder and CTO of DevOps Research and Assessments (acquired by Google since this session was recorded), to discuss DevOps security and how a team’s culture relates to their success.

Ep. #8, Email Ecosystems & APIs with Nylas’ Christine Spang
January 17, 2019

with Christine Spang

In episode 8 of O11ycast, Charity and Rachel are joined by Nylas Co-Founder and CTO Christine Spang to discuss navigating the complex ecosystem of emails and how Nylas has managed to create an API for it. 

Ep. #7, Observability at Asana and Honeycomb
November 28, 2018

with Cliff Chang & Phips Peter

In episode 7 of O11ycast, Charity is joined by fellow Honeycomb team member Michael Wilde along with Asana’s heads of engineering and tech, Cliff Chang and Phips Peter, to discuss how observability has shaped their organizations.

Ep. #6, Customer Reliability Engineering with Google’s Liz Fong-Jones
October 16, 2018

with Liz Fong-Jones

In episode 6 of O11ycast, Charity and Rachel talk to Google developer advocate Liz Fong-Jones about ways to build systems to be more transparent and explainable.

Ep. #5, InfoSec with Gartner’s Anton Chuvakin
September 18, 2018

with Anton Chuvakin

In episode 5 of O11ycast, Rachel and Charity speak with Anton Chuvakin, Research VP at Gartner for Technical Professionals, about the ways modern companies make, or don’t make, decisions around security.

Ep. #4, Systems Administration with Adam Jacob of Chef
August 2, 2018

with Adam Jacob

In episode 4 of O11ycast, Rachel and Charity ask Adam Jacob, co-founder and CTO of Chef, how the culture of DevOps has evolved both for system administrators and the companies they help build.