Library Podcasts

Ep. #9, Online Civility with Jeff Atwood of Discourse
November 30, 2020

with Jeff Atwood

In episode 9 of Developer Love, Patrick Woods speaks with Jeff Atwood of Discourse. They discuss the evolution of civil discourse on the internet, moderating forum software, and the collaborative nature of programming.

Ep. #8, Digital Events with Jana Boruta of HashiCorp
November 18, 2020

with Jana Boruta

In episode 8 of Developer Love, Patrick speaks with Jana Boruta of HashiCorp. Jana details her learnings as a global events planner and the hurdles that have arisen while transitioning from hosting live, in-person events to digital conferences.

Ep. #7, API Evangelism with Kin Lane of Postman
October 22, 2020

with Kin Lane

In episode 7 of Developer Love, Patrick Woods and Kin Lane of Postman unpack how the API evangelism landscape has changed over the years. They also discuss Kin’s career educating developers through writing and storytelling.

Ep. #6, Enabling an Ecosystem with Tim O’Reilly
October 8, 2020

with Tim O’Reilly

In episode 6 of Developer Love, Patrick speaks with Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media. They unpack the enormous influence Tim has had on the web, updating our mental models around technology, and the rise of commercial open source.

Ep. #5, Qualitative Storytelling with Knut Melvær of
September 22, 2020

with Knut Melvær

In episode 5 of Developer Love, Patrick Woods speaks with Knut Melvær of They discuss building developer tools, promoting psychological safety, and nurturing connections within the DevRel community.

Ep. #4, Collaboration and Constraint with Nicolas Grenié of Typeform
September 8, 2020

with Nicolas Grenié

In episode 4 of Developer Love, Patrick speaks with Nicolas Grenié of Typeform. They explore the unique role DevRel plays in partnerships, driving creativity with self-imposed constraints, and no-code tools for developers.

Ep. #3, Developer Experience Teams with Peggy Rayzis of Apollo
August 20, 2020

with Peggy Rayzis

In episode 3 of Developer Love, Patrick speaks with Peggy Rayzis. They discuss her role leading the developer experience team at Apollo, empathy and how it relates to scaling, and the global pivot to virtual events.

Ep. #2, Collaboration Platforms with Joyce Lin of Postman
August 5, 2020

with Joyce Lin

In episode 2 of Developer Love, Patrick speaks with Joyce Lin of Postman. They discuss nurturing inclusivity in tech, adapting to virtual events, technology agnosticism, and Joyce’s journey into DevRel.

Ep. #1, Unintentional Gatekeeping with Brian Douglas of GitHub
July 22, 2020

with Brian Douglas

In this inaugural episode of Developer Love, Patrick Woods speaks with Brian Douglas of GitHub. They discuss the developer advocate role, leveraging open source knowledge, and improving inclusivity within communities.