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December 2015 Show & Tell: Convox, Resonance Labs, and LaunchDarkly Ted Carstensen

Noah Zoschke, CTO at Convox

In this Show & Tell presentation, Noah walks us through the problems that the PaaS ecosystem presents to developers, and then demos how Convox provides effortless production-ready infrastructure.

Ben Sigelman, cofounder at Resonance Labs

Concurrency and microservices have created a nightmare situation for developers who need a clear view into where and when their apps are failing. In this Show & Tell presentation, Ben gives a powerful demo of the high-fidelity tracing technology behind Resonance Labs.

Edith Harbaugh, CEO at LaunchDarkly

Apple App Store review times average around 7 days, making app review the biggest hurdle to proper continuous delivery on iOS. In this Show & Tell presentation, Edith demos how LaunchDarkly’s mobile feature flags will empower you to build better apps, faster.

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