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Dive Into Demand Generation With Tomasz Tunguz Ted Carstensen

Demand generation is tough. You’re required to craft engaging content, campaigns, and events while tracking your acquisition, conversion, and optimization experiments.

In this panel, moderator Tomasz Tunguz, Partner with Redpoint and co-author of Winning with Data, talks with Craig Kerstiens, Head of Product and Marketing at Citus Data, Nisha Ahluwalia, Marketing Faculty Chair at Heavybit, and Kiyoto Tamura, VP of Marketing at Treasure Data about their experiences building successful demand generation teams.

What Is Demand Generation?

Tomasz states on his blog that “demand generation is a critical limiting factor to the growth of many startups” but unfortunately it’s not very well understood at all. He continues to loosely define demand generation as

Creating urgency in a buyer population that doesn’t currently feel a pressing need to swap their procurement software, their collaboration tools or their business intelligence suite.

How do you make the organizational, strategic, and tactical transition from targeting early adopters to targeting this significantly larger buyer population? Watch this panel for insights from experts who’ve successfully navigated this jump.

What You’ll Learn In This Video

  • The panel talks through their own different ideas and definitions of Demand Generation, where in the org demand gen should live, and what parts of the discipline are most misunderstood by outsiders.
  • How to properly define marketing qualified leads and getting sales and leadership buy in for that definition.
  • How to effectively scale your team and existing channels, while continuously experimenting with new channels and tactics.
  • Common characteristics of great demand generation marketers, where to search for potential candidates, and what a demand generation career path looks like.

Demand Generation On Demand

We hosted our DevGuild: Demand Generation conference in October of last year. This was a single day event featuring demand generation leaders from Segment, Stormpath, DigitalOcean, Trello, Twilio, Zendesk and more. If you’d like to dive even deeper into demand generation, watch the videos here.

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