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JUN 21, 20171 MIN

Meteor Night: Meteor 1.5, Meteor + TextExpander, LuminPDF At Scale

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

On May 11th, Heavybit member company Meteor hosted their flagship Meteor Night event at our San Francisco Clubhouse. The event featured talks from Meteor Engineers, NitroLabs, and Smile Software (TextExpander). Sign up here to attend the next event in person.

What’s Coming In Meteor 1.5

Sashko Stubailo and Jesse Rosenberger share some great new features coming in Meteor 1.5.

Making Meteor Scale to Build LuminPDF

Max Ferguson, founder of NitroLabs, discusses how his team used Meteor to scale their collaborative web-based PDF editor, LuminPDF.

TextExpander: Transitioning to Cross-Platform SaaS with Meteor & Galaxy

Maia Olsen and Greg Scown from Smile Software, makers of TextExpander, share how they use Meteor Galaxy to provide a cross-platform SaaS backend for their users.

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