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Member Spotlight: Treasure Data

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Founded in 2011 by Hironobu Yoshikawa, Kazuki Ohta and Sadayuki Furuhashi, Treasure Data’s mission is to build the first end-to-end cloud service for the entire data pipeline of collection, storage and analysis. We sat down with the founding team and asked them three questions from the members.

What are some of the biggest challenges Treasure Data is tackling today?

Definitely the scale and velocity of new incoming data sources, especially machine-generated and event data, are the biggest challenges for our customers. That’s why we’ve focused a lot of resources on developing our unique data collection technology, with our open-source Fluentd project, and our commercial Treasure Agent version. Many of our customers generate billions of events each day so they can improve and monetize their products. That’s a huge data management challenge, but now they are able to use our technology to stream data directly into Treasure Data for analysis within minutes.

What are the most interesting use-cases where you’ve seen Treasure Data applied?

We have some fascinating “Internet of Things” pilot projects going on right now, focused on sensor data in cars and consumer devices. This has been a recent focus for our development work in data collection technology, as it requires more knowledge of the sensor chips themselves, the networks and the backend environments for sensor data collection.

If you were a pirate, where would you hide your treasure?

In the cloud, of course!

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