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Member Spotlight: Takipi

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In February we welcomed Takipi to the program and Tal moved into the clubhouse. Founded by Iris Shoor and Tal Weiss, Takipi is a group of veteran Israeli hackers solving one of the biggest problems in software today – empowering all engineers to diagnose and fix production code an order of magnitude faster, so that companies can ship new features with confidence. We sit down with the team and ask a few questions from the members.

Why did you build Takipi? (Dan Kador – Keen IO)

At our previous company we shipped a product that grew to millions of users very quickly. We were constantly deploying new features while trying to deal with complex bugs. It’s like open heart surgery on a train running at a 100 MPH.

Today, we’re still spending most of our time searching for clues manually. To get the data we wanted automatically, we had to fundamentally change how Java & Scala run in production. So we built Takipi. – Tal

Why is it better than other monitoring tools? (Jakub Nesetril – Apiary)

Takipi combines code analysis in the cloud with low-level components that run at the processor level. We are able to provide developers unique data under extreme performance conditions. So when server code breaks, we can show the actual source code and variable values which caused it. Surrounding that is a deep set of error analytics that help dev teams prioritize and triage problems faster than ever before. – Niv

What’s with the monsters? (Fred Stevens-Smith – Rainforest)

We’ve always suspected that monster bugs, the kind that bring down systems, are not merely the result of human error made by overly-worked developers, but is the result of something more sinister. Through painstaking research and exploration we’ve found the cause – a secret breed of monsters that live on leftover pizza left by developers after long nights. – Iris

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