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MAR 1, 20141 MIN

Brace.io Has a Huge Valentine's Day

  • Heavybit News
Dana Oshiro's Headshot

Dana Oshiro

General Partner, Heavybit

Over 10,000 Valentines were made on Brace.io in less than 24 hours. It’s 10pm and Cole Krumbholz, founder of Brace.io, is panicking. There are only two days until Valentine’s Day, and he still has nothing prepared. His solution: leverage Brace.io’s theming functionality and build a Valentines site. At some point, Cole realizes that he probably wasn’t the only geek in the same predicament. So he built a theme to help others share their love. It turns out he was right, and there was a flood of activity.

Read all about it at Brace’s blog.

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