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DevToolsDigest: Issue #7

This week’s roundup of developer news includes the launch of Eclipse Che, as well as product announcements from Rainforest and Meteor.

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This week’s roundup of developer news includes the launch of Eclipse Che, as well as product announcements from Rainforest and Meteor.

Expanding Horizons

EclipseCon North America took place this week and featured the official release of the IDE platform Eclipse Che. The event saw Eclipse Project contributors and member companies come together, with presentations including a keynote by Tyler Jewell, founder and CEO of Codenvy.

Eclipse Che’s reach extends to building web and mobile apps with Meteor. This week, Meteor expanded itsGalaxy cloud service plan to include general users, with standardized features, pricing and support, as described in a recent Meteor blog post.

AlphaGo Making Moves

The AlphaGo program, developed by Google’s DeepMind, has won two games out of a five-match challenge against Go world champion Lee Sedol. Among the responses was a tweet by Elon Musk that voiced the importance of this unprecedented achievement: “Congrats to DeepMind! Many experts in the field thought AI was 10 years away from achieving this.”

Keeping It Integrated

Rainforest now automates JIRA reporting according to an announcement on the company’s blog this week. In addition to JIRA, Rainforest also currently supports workflows that implement products from Slack, CircleCIand Codeship.

Runscope had a recent integration announcement of its own with the xMatters Integration Platform. The latest collaboration from the two services aims to deliver API test results from Runscope that can be more easily monitored and re-tested based on user configurations.

New From Heavybit

Heavybit hosted a Show & Tell earlier this month with a presentation by Kiyoto Tamura, VP of Marketing atTreasure Data. The event also featured talks from Ian Saunders, CTO of BillForward, and LaunchDarkly CEOEdith Harbaugh.

Harbaugh keeps the conversation going with CircleCI’s Paul Biggar in this week’s episode of To Be Continuous. Topics include the evolution of SaaS, tech companies that are still holding out on CD, and the importance of personalized support for early customers.

For more developer-based news and content, check back with the Heavybit blog, or browse Heavybit’s Library for in-depth talks from industry leaders on how to grow your company. Is there some news, events or developer-related content you’d like to see on the next Heavybit Dev Tools Digest? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.