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DevToolsDigest: Issue #62

This week's digest includes news and resources from Stripe, Replicated, Citus Data, Dark, Red Hat, Microsoft, Lightstep, The New Stack, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    How They Built Stripe: Patrick and John Collison

    Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. In this episode of How I Built This he interviews John and Patrick Collison, the brothers who founded Stripe.

    EnterpriseReady: GDPR SaaS Basics

    What is GDPR and why should I care? Replicated has prepared an overview of GDPR and how it will impact SaaS companies. Are you ready?

    It's the future (for databases)

    I work as a data architect in San Francisco & Dr. Jones mentioned you might be able to help me before I get too deep into the design of a new system. My default database choice is to just use Postgres. I have questions on what schema designs might make most sense. Because it’s the future (for databases.)

    Learning A New Space by Ellen Chisa

    When Paul and I decided to start Dark, I was thrust back into a learning cycle. There was still some overlap with what I’d done, but I needed to ramp up incredibly quickly on what it meant to be a devtools company. Here’s how I recommend ramping up on something completely new.

    ​Red Hat and Microsoft bring OpenShift to Azure

    Microsoft and Red Hat expand their partnership around hybrid cloud, Kubernetes container management, and developer productivity.

    Data and Troubleshooting Problems Caused by Microservices

    Developers with microservices in their roadmaps are pushing forward with adoption, but they face several challenges related to monitoring, according to a recent survey by Lightstep and Dimensional Research. Read more at The New Stack.

    From The Heavybit Library

    The Secure Developer Ep. #15, Enterprise Security with RedMonk's James Governor

    In episode 15 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by James Governor, Analyst and Co-founder of RedMonk, a developer-focused industry analyst firm. The pair discusses multiple ways that companies can be incentivized, and how they can incentivize others, to invest in and improve security.

    Marketing Workshop: Early Stage Growth Ops

    In this Heavybit Workshop Panel, Peter Chapman is joined by HackerRank CMO Nicolas Draca, Andrea Echstenkamper, Director of Marketing for LaunchDarkly, and Clearbit COO Luke Whiting. The group discusses the tools and strategies for measuring, monitoring and maintaining growth from day one.

    Venture Confidential Ep. #16, Feat. Greylock Partners' Jerry Chen

    In episode 16 of Venture Confidential, we're joined by Jerry Chen of Greylock Partners to discuss what it takes as an investor and board member to help make a good company great.