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    The Day in Developer Tools

    Why Vista’s Acquisition of Applause is Bad for Applause Customers

    Rainforest thinks that focusing on innovating and investing in the future, and focusing on their culture and building a happy and healthy company is how to grow the right way. And so they try to avoid attacking their competitors in public or in private. That said, the acquisition of Applause is a reason to break with this tradition.

    GitHub Pages vs. Netlify, A Comparative Breakdown

    If you are already using Git for version control, then GitHub’s built-in GitHub Pages is a great choice for hosting. In this post, Netlify compares GitHub Pages to what you can expect if you switched to Netlify.

    Developing Your Pricing Strategy

    Pricing and Packaging projects are exciting to work on because these decisions have a high impact on the success of your company. Pricing and packaging is about far more than just how much you’re going to charge though.

    Important Update: RubyGems 2.6.13 Released

    RubyGems 2.6.13 includes important security updates, please update as soon as possible.

    One easy trick to Series A: Revenue

    Startups: Get enough traction, raise Seed, get more traction, raise A. The complete frustrating part for a seed founder is what qualifies as “enough traction” for a Series A, compounded by the fact that every VC has a different definition of the bar to raise an A.

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Jeff Gothelf on Lean Product Design

    In this presentation, Jeff talks about how to use a lean framework for product experimentation & better interaction design. He reviews some of the key principles for lean design and talks about how you can better tailor your product to meet your customers' needs.