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    The Day in Developer Tools

    Embracing real-time feature toggling in your React application

    Toggling features within a code base is a technique to influence the behaviour of software without having to redeploy. It is often used in conjunction with Continuous Delivery enabling alternative branches for different user groups within the interface a web application. These branches should optimally be triggered independently from the main code base.

    Your whole tech portfolio is f#$&ed

    Every portfolio company is wasting massive amounts of capital focussing on the problems that their customers don’t care about.

    SF Metrics: Talks from Yelp's Mathieu Frappier, and Stripe's Amy Nguyen

    Watch the talks from the August 9th SF Metrics event featuring Stripe's Amy Nguyen on finding a great logging vendor, and Yelp's Mathieu Frappier on how we get away with watching tv all day.

    How Serverless Defined Its Team Values

    As a solo founder with a lot on his plate, it would have been so easy for Austen Collins to let values and culture take a back seat. But he didn’t.

    Austen knew that having a strong mission was the key to attracting top talent, and from day one he was determined to have a clearly-defined culture that resonated with people.

    It isn't as straightforward as you'd think to define such a lofty thing as culture, though. It took a few tries to get it right.

    Here’s how the Serverless team worked to bring it all together.

    Why HTTPS Deployments Need a CDN

    There are many reasons to deploy HTTPS: search engine rankings, avoiding browser warnings, and (of course) security. Yet, performance remains a priority for SEO and user engagement. Achieving both requires using a CDN; deploying HTTPS without a CDN is slow.

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Beta Testing for Early Developer Teams

    UX designer and former Treasure Data product manager Luca Candela discusses defining your feature tests, cohorts and research experiments. He also covers collecting your datasets and determining the nature of your feature releases to build products that keep developers coming back for more.