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    The Day in Developer Tools

    The Essential Java 9 Feature You Probably Never Heard Of

    Java 9 is set to release in September 2017, and it will come with a list of new and revised features, methods, and other elements. In OverOps' search through the JDK enhancement proposals (JEP), they came across JEP 266. It holds some interesting updates to CompletableFuture, Concurrency updates and support for Reactive Streams, that caught their attention.

    Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Network Service Tiers: Your cloud network, your way

    Google announced Network Service Tiers Alpha, making Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the first major public cloud to offer a tiered cloud network. They now let you optimize for performance by choosing Premium Tier, which uses Google’s global network, or optimize for cost, using the new Standard Tier, an lower-priced network with performance comparable to that of other leading public clouds.

    Still Waiting To Upgrade To CircleCI 2.0?

    Cameron Desautels‏ on Twitter: “Just dropped my build times from 7.5 min to 2.5 min by finally upgrading to @circleci 2.0. 🔥🔥🔥”

    Is This The Gate You Want to Keep?

    From LaunchDarkly's Heidi Waterhouse: Developers are not automatically the smartest people in any room, and I wish we would stop treating them like they were. It leads to all sorts of workplace toxicity. Yes, this is about the Google thing. And the Uber thing, and the thousand and one other sexist and racist things we could rattle off.

    How to Use Rainforest QA Developer Experience

    Learn how developers can write, manage and execute QA tests from their development workflow using Rainforest QA Developer Experience (DevX) and the Rainforest CLI.

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Product Development and Otherness

    In this Speaker Series presentation, GitHub's analytics lead JD Maturen discusses shipping to a community of 12.1 million users across 30.6 million repositories. In his talk, "Product Development and Otherness," Maturen describes how GitHub's product releases and roadmap have evolved to improve the developer experience.