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    The Day in Developer Tools

    Introducing WAL-G: Faster Disaster Recovery for Postgres

    WAL-G is a complete rewrite that provides the same functionality as WAL-E, but boasts performance improvements of 4x faster restores on recovery.

    Stepping Up to the Plate: A Story About Being On-Call

    Learn how an intern's on-call experience during a baseball game taught her the value of PagerDuty for on-call engineers.

    Pantheon Advanced Page Cache

    For Wordpress sites wanting fine-grained control over how their responses are represented in their edge cache, Pantheon Advanced Page Cache is the golden ticket.

    6 Reasons Why Devs Should Own Security

    Open source, containers and microservices, and a myriad of DevOps tools reduce the time and friction to deploy code. Oftentimes, security becomes a limiting factor in bringing new innovations to market. Learn how to remove these limiting factors in this webinar.

    Jessica Kerr on Productivity, Slack Chatbots, Yak Shaving, & Why Diversity Matters for Innovation

    Wesley Reisz talks with Jessica Kerr about her focus on developer productivity. Topics include her work at Atomist building Slack Chatbots, an approach to categorizing Yak Shaving (in an effort to prioritize and automate development dependencies), how an innovation culture drives diversity, and, finally, the role of 10x developers in the lifecycle of a company or product.

    Risk Reduction and Harm Mitigation

    Risk Reduction is trying to make sure bad things happen as rarely as possible. It is anti-lock brakes, vaccinations, clothing irons that turn off by themselves, and all sorts of things that we think of as safety modifications in our life. We are trying to build lives where bad things happen less often.

    Harm Mitigation is what we do to make sure that when bad things do happen, they are less catastrophic. Fire sprinklers in buildings, seat belts, and needle exchanges are all about making the consequences of something bad less terrible.

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Zero To Won Ep. #1, Feat. Saastr's Jason Lemkin

    Fred Stevens-Smith hosts Saastr founder Jason Lemkin to talk about Jason's favorite tool, what it is that makes a great tool great, and the importance of authenticity.