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DevToolsDigest: Issue #55

Today's digest includes news and resources from Serverless Inc, Heavybit, CircleCI, Andrea Passwater, Leslie Lau, and Aubrey Blanche.

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    The Day in Developer Tools

    Serverless Inc. Announces Event Gateway

    React to any event, with any function, on any provider. Break away from the single cloud experience.

    PR for Developer Companies with TechCrunch, eWeek, and VentureBeat

    Watch a panel featuring developer-focused reporters Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch, Blair Hanley Frank of VentureBeat, and Chris Preimesberger of eWeek. Get insight into how these journalists define their readership, weave early-stage companies into their coverage, and prefer to be pitched.

    Interviewing as an Outsider: How I Finally Got Seen in Tech

    Breon Knight from CircleCI on Interviewing as an outsider: gaining access into the world of tech hasn’t been the easiest thing for me. I grew up in East Baltimore; I know how unfair the system is. People talk a lot about diversity in tech. Seems to me they think of diversity as what can be seen on the surface, but I believe it’s much deeper than that.

    10 Serverless Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

    The top Twitter accounts you should follow to stay on top of serverless, event-driven architecture, and other tech news.

    How to Sell Your Team on CI/CD

    Changing the way teams work is hard. Just think how hard it is to change just yourself. Then sprinkle in the difficulty of getting a group of people using various applications moving in the same direction. This step-by-step guide from CircleCI can help you sell this change to your org.

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Aubrey Blanche: Interrupting Bias in Your Career

    Enjoy this awesome talk from Aubrey Blanche focused on the kinds of bias women may experience in the workplace, as well as actionable strategies you can employ to interrupt those biases.