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DevToolsDigest: Issue #51

Today's digest includes news and resources from Node.js, Citus Data, Microsoft, Kevin Vandenborne, and Nicolas Grenié.

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    The Day in Developer Tools

    Node.js 8.3.0 is now available shipping with the Ignition + TurboFan execution pipeline

    Iginition + TurboFan are the new interpreter and compiler that have been a part of V8 since version 5.9. They replace Full-codegen and Crankshaft, technologies that have been shipping in V8 since 2010. The new execution pipeline has been optimized with modern JavaScript in mind.

    Principles of Sharding for Relational Databases

    When your database is small (10s of GB), it’s easy to throw more hardware at the problem and scale up. As these tables grow however, you need to think about other ways to scale your database.

    ES Modules in Node Today!

    Microsoft announced the release of @std/esm (standard/esm), an opt-in, spec-compliant, ECMAScript (ES) module loader that enables a smooth transition between Node and ES module formats with near built-in performance! This fast, small, zero dependency package is all you need to enable ES modules in Node 4+ today!

    Monitor Stack Overflow activity directly in Slack

    Developer Advocates & Evangelists are often asked how they measure success. One common indicator is Github Stars on open source projects. Others would say that Stack Overflow questions and answers give a great sense of an API's popularity.

    Serverless: A lesson learned. The hard way.

    After writing an article about his first experience with serverless architecture, Kevin Vandenborne felt pretty good about what he'd learned and achieved. However, what happened to him the next morning left him with a sour taste in his mouth.

    The Latest Developer Company Jobs

    Okta is Hiring: Director, Developer Platform Product Marketing

    Netlify is Hiring: Rails Engineer

    NodeSource is Hiring: Node.js Solution Architect Consultant

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Conversion Optimization: Funnel-Vision for Developers.

    In this Heavybit Speaker Series, Growth Pilots Founder Soso Sazesh offers you insight into conversion optimization, with walkthroughs of actual SaaS company funnels, funnel measurement and channel attribution, and SEM tactics for developers.