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DevToolsDigest: Issue #47

Today's digest includes news and resources from Netlify, Stripe, Tim Falls, NodeSource, and Chelsea Otakan.

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    The Day in Developer Tools

    Last Week in Node.js Working Groups

    Last week saw activity from across the org - updates from the Installer, Website, Docker, Security, and more. Find out what's new in Node.js.

    The State Of JavaScript Survey 2017

    A short survey about current popular JavaScript technologies. Add your voice to the chorus!

    How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup

    Now, Stripe’s Patrick and John Collison are teaming with Amazon to grab even more control over the global flow of commerce.

    Net Neutrality Panel at JAMstack SF

    JAMstack SF recently assembled a panel, moderated by Dominic Fracassa of The San Francisco Chronicle, for an honest discussion on Net Neutrality.

    Are you a Developer Evangelist and Didn’t Know It?

    Explore the rising demand for community professionals at companies who are trying to reach technologists. What makes a good developer evangelist? And how do you find the right person(s)?

    The Latest Developer Company Jobs

    PagerDuty is Hiring: iOS Engineer

    Meteor is Hiring: Technical Support Engineer

    RainforestQA is Hiring: Digital Marketing Manager

    From The Heavybit Archive

    Making Performance A Design Consideration

    In her Speaker Series presentation, Chelsea Otakan explains how designers, not just engineers, can create a user experience that keeps people engaged and learning.