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DevToolsDigest: Issue #30

This week in the Dev Tools Digest, Netlify raises $2.1M, Heavybit publishes DevGuildDX videos, Pantheon flips the switch on PHP 7, Serverless releases V1.0 Beta 2, and much more.

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  • Ted Carstensen
    Ted CarstensenPlatform Director

This week in the Dev Tools Digest, Netlify raises $2.1M, Heavybit releases DevGuildDX videos, Pantheon flips the switch on PHP 7, Serverless pushes V1.0 Beta 2, and much more.

Netlify Raises $2.1M

Congratulations to Heavybit member Netlify on their $2.1M raise! Co-Founder Mathias Biilmann says “developers have gotten so used to using Github as a central workflow, they expect the entire rest of the developer experience to work the same way.” Netlify plans to deliver exactly that, read the full announcement on TechCrunch.

Latest From Heavybit

Videos from Heavybit’s recent DevGuild: Developer Product Design conference are now available.

PHP 7 For All Pantheon Sites

Pantheon announced the general availability of PHP 7 across their entire platform, providing for massive performance improvements of your WordPress and Drupal based sites. In their internal benchmarks Pantheon found PHP 7 to perform 62% faster than PHP 5.6. Learn how to deploy PHP 7 to your Pantheon site.

Takipi Dashboard Views

Takipi unveiled new Dashboard Views to help you more easily see the log events that matter most. The new views can be customized to highlight and aggregate any type of log error, and can now be easily shared across your entire team. Check out the announcement for a few popular sample views.

Four Elements of Video Performance

Mux outlines four elements of video performance on their new blog. Learn about playback failures, startup time, rebuffering, and video quality in this fantastic rundown. If you want to understand video performance in your apps and on your website, you need to track at least one metric from each of these four categories. Learn how in the post.

Serverless V1.0 Beta 2

Serverless released V1.0 Beta 2 with a collection of great improvements. The framework now has support for custom IAM role statements, CORS support for API Gateway, a community plugin repository, and more. Read the full release notes on the Serverless blog.

LinkedIn Introduces {py}gradle

LinkedIn bridged a gap between two similar but different technologies, Setuptools and Gradle, to build a powerful, flexible, and reusable Python packaging system. If you work in Python, you’re in for a treat – learn more in this post from LinkedIn.

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