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DevToolsDigest: Issue #298

This week's digest includes news and resources from RedMonk, GitHub, OpenSauced, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    AI Patterns

    Much as software once ate the world, AI is ingesting everything from event agendas to internal development focus to available speculative capital. As might be predicted given that backdrop, a growing proportion of technology industry discussions focus on not if but when AI will impact a given market, product or project.

    GitHub Copilot Workspace: The Copilot-native Developer Environment

    Within Copilot Workspace, developers can now brainstorm, plan, build, test, and run code in natural language. This new task-centric experience leverages different Copilot-powered agents from start to finish, while giving developers full control over every step of the process.

    Industry Research

    The Startup CTO’s Journey

    The challenge with the role of startup CTO is that the role changes so quickly as the company scales. Whether you’re looking to become a startup CTO or to hire one, here’s some advice on what “good” looks like based upon experiences as a startup CTO.

    The Future of Foundation Models is Closed-source

    Despite recent progress and endless cheerleading, open-source AI will become a financial drain for model builders, an inferior option for developers and consumers, and a risk to national security. Closed-source models will create far more economic and consumer value over the next decade.

    Everything is Still BI

    No matter when a data product was created or what its first features were, it will inevitably collapse into the same singularity: Database connectors; a code-based query editor; a code-free query builder; lots of charts; dashboards; self-serve.

    Developer Venture News

    OpenSauced Raises 3.5 Million

    Open source is no longer just nights and weekends, but rather critical pieces of our infrastructure and data pipelines. Not to mention the rate at which AI is accelerating, the industry is now more concerned than ever about trust, safety, and compliance in open source. The OpenSauced platform empowers organizations to uncover actionable insights from open source data and is now even more discoverable and actionable with AI.