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DevToolsDigest: Issue #297

This week's digest includes news and resources from Resourcely, lakeFS, Scale AI, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    The Next Generation of Developer-First Products

    Zeno Rocha explores the emerging trend of developer-first products, noting the increased influence of developers in tech adoption within companies. Zeno traced the evolution of tools through 4 distinct generations created for developers, starting with early offerings like Splunk and JetBrains, evolving to API-centric tools like Auth0 and Firebase, and culminating in current tools like Gatsby and Netlify that emphasize immediate production integration.

    Really: Policy Language for Infra that Doesn't Suck

    With the introduction of Really, policy can be created in minutes compared to hours, with a human-readable syntax that looks remarkably like SQL. The readability of the Resourcely team's structured policy language means that writing, deciphering, and adjusting policy isn’t a nightmare, and your policy team can take vacation without worrying about their pager going off.

    Introducing Open-source SQLFrame

    Despite its strengths, SQL often seems ill-suited for maintaining data pipelines. This has put data professionals in a tough spot: Do you write your pipelines in SQL to favor accessibility or Python to favor maintainability? Well, starting today, you no longer have to choose. You can finally have your cake and eat it too.

    Industry Research

    The State of Data Engineering 2024

    2024 is shaping out to be more than just Generative AI. While organizations are adding infra to support their interaction with foundation models such as ChatGPT, and fine tuning of such models using GPUs, other fundamental changes are happening that require adoption of new infrastructure to data environments.

    Survey Sees Cloud Developer Environment Adoption Gaining Momentum

    While 95% of developers and business leaders are familiar with cloud development environments (CDEs), the reasons for adopting one vary widely. As DevOps workflows continue to evolve in the age of artificial intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before more organizations embrace CDEs The survey polled 223 developers and business leaders working for organizations with more than 2,000 workers and 250 developers.

    Developer Venture News

    Scale’s Series F: Expanding the Data Foundry for AI

    As AI models evolve, the quality, quantity, and complexity of frontier data—the data needed to drive and ensure performance—increases exponentially. As the data foundry for AI, Scale powers the data behind the end-to-end AI lifecycle, ensuring model builders and enterprises alike have the data they need to deploy AI confidently.