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DevToolsDigest: Issue #294

This week's digest includes news and resources from Continue, HashiCorp, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools


    Many folks are forecasting that AI will replace developers in as little as a few years, while investors declare the arrival of superhuman AI software engineers. This worries some developers and annoys others. The motivation with amplified.dev is to instead empower developers and raise awareness of systemic issues in how engineering organizations are adopting, using, and evolving AI software development systems.

    Scaling DevTools Ep. 78 with Dana Oshiro

    Most founders have a very big vision about how we should build. And it usually starts from some big industry shift, with a bunch of tools or workflows becoming obsolete or hard to work with. Everyone has a good idea of a picture that is much larger. But the reality is, you're just a 2-5 person team and you can't bite off more than you can chew.

    Industry Research

    Cloud Native Platforms: To Build or to Buy?

    When it comes to cloud native application platforms, we’re at an important evolutionary point: will the best practice for platforms be to build or to buy? Should you choose the components you need for a platform and integrate them together, or should you buy a pre-integrated platform? Unless you’re a handful of organizations, the practical answer is that you should buy the platform.

    Scrum's Unintended and Gradual Disconnect from Product Management

    Scrum’s failure to embrace the world of Product Management by coining a separate Product Owner (PO) accountability was a mistake. It started with good intentions, to give the Product Manager (PM) more authority by calling them a Product Owner. We can now safely say the Product Owner rebranding backfired.

    Developer Venture News

    HashiCorp Joins IBM to Accelerate Multi-cloud Automation

    The acquisition is part of an effort to broaden IBM’s hybrid cloud, multicloud and AI portfolio. Ultimately, IBM plans to use HashiCorp resources to create an end-to-end cloud platform. IBM’s and HashiCorp’s combined portfolios will help clients manage growing application and infrastructure complexity and create a comprehensive hybrid cloud platform designed for the AI era.