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DevToolsDigest: Issue #292

This week's digest includes news and resources from OpenTofu, OpenSauced, Postman, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    An Opinionated Guide to Today's Technology Landscape

    Thoughtworks Technology Radar is a twice-yearly snapshot of tools, techniques, platforms, languages and frameworks. The Radar captures the output of the Technology Advisory Board’s discussions in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from developers to CTOs. This knowledge-sharing tool is based on their global teams’ experience and highlights things you may want to explore on your projects.

    OpenTofu's Response to HashiCorp's Cease & Desist Letter

    HashiCorp made source code and other aspects of its Terraform software available under the open-source Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 ("MPL-2.0"). After HashiCorp announced it would continue development and publication of the software under the source available Business Software License ("BUSL"), OpenTofu was created as a project to continue the community's source code development under MPL-2.0.

    Industry Research

    Growth Hacking Killed GitHub Stars

    The industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and where there was a time when open source was driven by weekend code sessions, today open source is fueled by sustainable sponsorship and venture capital. This is not entirely a bad thing, as it provides a sustainable future for the biggest projects we get to use and love.

    You Probably Don't Need GraphQL

    The difficulty of answering “Who needs GraphQL?” is that GraphQL solves many different problems. When you speak with two people who use it, you will inevitably get two different answers about why they’re using it. Not only that, but GraphQL doesn’t obviously solve all of these many different problems; many just kind of… disappear when you’re using GraphQL.

    Front-end Development’s Identity Crisis

    Actual front-end work has been devalued and isn’t treated as a full-time job. Now front-end no longer actually means front-end. The duties of a front-end developer are more accurately described as full-stack.

    Developer Venture News

    Orbit is Joining Postman

    For the last four years, Orbit has helped top developer companies manage and grow their communities across platforms like Discord, Slack, and GitHub. At Postman, the Orbit team will now build community features into the Postman Public API Network so that publishers and consumers can actively collaborate.