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DevToolsDigest: Issue #284

This week's digest includes news and resources from MightyMeld, Notion Capital, Crunchbase, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Create an Open Source Security Policy for Your Organization

    While open source software libraries help development teams quickly roll out new apps, you'll want to be aware of the risks they can introduce. Develop the right policy to reduce the effort required to fix vulnerabilities and to mitigate problems associated with data loss.

    MightyMeld for Tailwind

    Load up your Tailwind code and visually build out your app using cool prefab kits, autocomplete, and AI that’s actually useful. Experience all the goodness of Tailwind in a studio that is actually visual, that not only reads your code but injects clean code too.

    Industry Research

    Cloud Challengers Top 100 Report

    The Cloud Challengers Top 100 report aims to identify the very best early stage business software startups in Europe. Their three areas of assestment: founders, funding, and product.

    Demystifying DevSecOps: Insights and Strategies with Tanya Janca

    In this episode of "Build Amazing Things Securely," host Laura Bell Main interviews Tanya Janca, a prominent figure in the DevSecOps community. Tanya shares insights from her journey in software development to security, emphasizing the importance of secure software.

    Survey: Understanding What AI/ML Founders Need

    Generationship is a partnership between Rachel Chalmers (Heavybit, Alchemist, Ignition) and Michelle Yulle Yi (IBM Watson). They are exploring the societal impacts of artificial intelligence, and want to better understand the challenges facing different founders of artificial intelligence and machine learning startups.

    Developer Venture News

    Key Metrics for Pre-seed and Seed Fundraising in Challenging Markets

    In a strong economic market, startup founders have the benefit of raising from investors who are risk-tolerant and optimistic. But when conditions tighten or become more uncertain, investment can be harder to secure. 

    The State of Startups In 7 Charts

    Last year saw the lowest level of startup funding in five years, witnessed valuations fall drastically, and offered little hope for IPO contenders. But is that all now in the rearview mirror?