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DevToolsDigest: Issue #283

This week's digest includes news and resources from CircleCI, StackShare, GitHub, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Automated Testing for LLMOps

    When building applications with generative AI, model behavior is less predictable than traditional software. That’s why systematic testing can make an even bigger difference in saving you development time and cost. Learn how to create a continuous integration workflow to evaluate your LLM applications at every change for faster, safer, and more efficient application development.

    StackShare's Top 100+ Developer Tools 2023

    This year they analyzed well over 12 million data points shared by the StackShare community to bring you these rankings. They combed through a massive data set of 1M+ tech stacks, over 10M+ follows, and tons more developer comments, reviews, and votes.

    Industry Research

    Observability n.0?

    Software Observability is serious business. No wonder we have several SaaS giants like DataDog and Dynatrace bringing in billions of dollars of revenue each year. However, not all is rosy in the land of observability.

    2024 is the Year GenAI Code Hits Adolescence

    In 2024, the use of Generative AI in software development will reach adolescence – by the end of the year, GenAI is projected to be responsible for generating 20% of all code – or 1 in every 5 code lines.

    A Developer’s Second Brain: Reducing Complexity Through Partnership with AI

    As we look to empower developers with AI tools, we inadvertently integrate AI deeper into the way developers work. How do developers feel about that? And what are the most impactful ways to introduce more AI into workflows?

    Developer Venture News

    VC Predictions: 5 Trends That Will Define 2024

    After a rocky 2023, what will the year ahead look like for founders, innovators, and disruptors? From cybersecurity acquisitions and fintech innovation to AI-enabled hiring and GenAI boosting cloud budgets, GGV discusses five industry trends that they believe will benefit from advances in (and adoption of) artificial intelligence and more.