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DevToolsDigest: Issue #282

This week's digest includes news and resources from DigitalOcean, AI Top Tools, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    The Modern AI Stack: Design Principles for the Future of Enterprise AI Architectures

    More than ever, machines are capable of reasoning, creation, and creativity, and these new capabilities are driving enterprises to reconstruct their tech stacks. While the early days of this AI transformation felt like the Wild West, today, builders are converging around infrastructure, tooling, and approach.

    DigitalOcean Wants to Open the Floodgates to AI for Smaller Enterprises with Nvidia H100 Access

    The new offering provides access to the highly sought-after H100 GPUs on Paperspace, in an approach that can virtualize the GPUs, making them more accessible to developers. With their extremely high performance, H100s can significantly reduce training times and inference response times for AI models. 

    AITopTools: Find the Best AI Tools

    In a world where artificial intelligence is reshaping possibilities, AI Top Tools is a repository for innovative solutions. Explore a huge, always-growing library of 10,000+ AI tools — all with reviews from users.

    Industry Research

    How to Run a Great Demo When You’re Not a Sales Person

    In early stage startups, before the sales team exists (and arguably for a long time after) everyone is a salesperson. Learning how to demo your product well means you’ll be able to hire for those dedicated roles a lot sooner.

    Will US Companies Hire Fewer Engineers Due to Section 174?

    Have you heard of a change in Section 174 of the US tax law that kicked in a few years ago? This change is making bootstrapped software businesses completely unsustainable. Basically, all costs related to R&D cannot be expensed, including labor for software development.

    Developer Venture News

    Will Startup Valuations Start to Recover in 2024?

    Comparing pre-money valuations, every startup fundraising stage except seed saw median valuations decline last year compared to 2022, according to data from PitchBook. Things were slightly better in 2022, when only the median late-stage and growth-stage valuations were down from 2021, while the median early-stage valuation continued to rise.