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DevToolsDigest: Issue #280

Welcome back! This week's digest includes news and resources from OpenTofu, Sentry, Microsoft, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    OpenTofu Announces General Availability

    The OpenTofu community continues to grow, with dozens of developers contributing and hundreds of active community members. The project is also supported by many corporate backers and technology partners, including CloudFlare, BuildKite, GitLab, and Oracle.

    Sentry: We Removed Advertising Cookies, Here’s What Happened

    Going cookieless might seem like a big undertaking with complex cross-functional challenges. But the cookieless future is coming. And you may gain a new perspective, and learn how to market to your users while respecting their privacy.

    Industry Research

    LLMs and Programming in the First Days of 2024

    LLMs are a bit like Wikipedia and all the video courses scattered on YouTube: they help those with the will, ability, and discipline, but they are of marginal benefit to those who have fallen behind. At least initially, they will only benefit those who already have an advantage.

    New Microsoft Incident Response Team Guide Shares Best Practices for Security Teams and Leaders

    Cybersecurity incidents are like mazes: unpredictable, challenging, and easy to get lost in. But with the right map for the maze, organizations can navigate through the twists and turns of critical incidents, avoid common pitfalls, and emerge stronger and more secure.

    Developer Venture News

    The Biggest of the Big :The Largest AI Deals of 2023

    For a time — especially in the middle of the year — it seemed like nine-figure rounds were being thrown out by investors every week to the latest and greatest AI startup. Sometimes, there were so many huge rounds it was hard to keep track.

    Adobe Explains Why It Abandoned the Figma Deal

    Adobe general counsel Dana Rao said that the company couldn’t prove to European regulators that the acquisition wouldn’t harm competition in the future — that is, that Adobe or Figma wouldn’t eventually do more to compete with one another.