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DevToolsDigest: Issue #275

This week's digest includes news and resources from MightyMeld, HubSpot, ScyllaDB, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    MightyMeld Launches Code Visualizer for React Developers

    MightyMeld, which launched out of private beta, has created what it calls a “visual way to build sophisticated web apps and frontend UIs.” It lets developers find, modify and commit code changes to production “in a visual way that is always in sync with live, running code.”


    DevAI is the community of developers building software with the help of large language models (LLMs). They've put together an awesome list of resources about using LLMs while building software.

    Industry Research

    The Architects Guide to the Modern Data Stack

    The modern data stack is a dynamic ensemble of specialized tools, each excelling in a specific facet of data handling. It's a modular, shape-shifting ecosystem that accommodates the fluidity of technology and ever-changing business needs. Despite or perhaps because of this fluidity, the modern data stack does have some defining characteristics.

    How to Manage 200+ Open-source Repos

    Turbot manages over 200 open-source repos and managing all these repos demands both technical rigor and human connection. That's why Turbot combines proven engineering practices with a focus on community. Here are seven key lessons they've learned along the way.

    How to Measure Developer Experience

    Measuring DX isn’t a straightforward task. You want to quantify those intangible aspects of ease, satisfaction, and enjoyment that developers get from using your product. However, there are several methods you can use to understand your DX at different levels.

    Developer Venture News

    HubSpot Picks Up B2B Data Provider Clearbit to Enhance Its AI Platform

    HubSpot explained that gathering company data has gotten easier over the years, but challenges still remain around analyzing and using that data. By combining Clearbit’s data with HubSpot’s platform, companies would be able to enrich their internal customer data with more real-time external context.

    ScyllaDB Raises $43M to Boost Next Generation of NoSQL Database Scalability

    ScyllaDB is an open-source NoSQL database that was originally designed to be a drop-in replacement for the open-source Apache Cassandra database, with the promise of providing more scale and performance. The technology has expanded in recent years to also be a competitive replacement for the Amazon DynamoDB database.

    From the Heavybit Library

    How to Use AI to Kickstart Sales at Early-Stage Startups

    We’re at an interesting moment in tech, where AI has emerged as a powerful tool that will revolutionize business operations. Sales is certainly no exception. Many technical founders are hoping AI will finally be able to replace them as their company’s first salesperson. While AI shouldn’t completely replace you, it will be able to supercharge early sales efforts.