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DevToolsDigest: Issue #271

This week's digest includes news and resources from The Linux Foundation, Changelog, MotherDuck, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    AI Essential to Secure Dev, Successful DevSecOps—Yet Risks Abound

    When finding security vulnerabilities within software built by in-house developers, there’s good reason to believe that development teams, thanks in part to the help of AI tools, are actually “shifting left” when developing secure code. At least, that’s one of the findings from a survey of 1,001 senior technology executives commissioned by GitLab.

    Linux Foundation Ups Ante on HashiCorp, Hosts Terraform Fork

    A little over a month after HashiCorp disclosed its intention to change the licensing on its previously open source tools, The Linux Foundation officially entered the fray by bringing a forked version of Terraform into its fold. The Terraform fork, first known as OpenTF, was renamed OpenTofu this week and officially relaunched as a Linux Foundation project.

    Industry Research

    Open Source is at a Crossroads with Steve O'Grady from RedMonk

    In Steve’s post Why Open Source Matters, he says “open source is at a crossroads” and there are some seeking to break the definition of open source to one that is more permissive to their desires, and they are closer than ever to achieving that goal.

    Governance Engineering Breaks Down the Silos in Regulated Software

    When software of this importance fails, the consequences can be significant. Companies developing critical software must navigate substantial risks, driven by legal requirements and the imperative of maintaining their brand reputation. This complex task of managing these risks is known as software governance.

    Developer Venture News

    Database Startup MotherDuck Lands $52.5M to Grow Its DuckDB-based Platform

    MotherDuck provides a cloud analytics service based on DuckDB. It can be used to build software-as-a-service apps with analytics capabilities, as a data warehouse (i.e. a system for reporting and data analysis) or as a query engine for a data lake (i.e. a centralized repository for storing data). It is now available for all.