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DevToolsDigest: Issue #266

This week's digest includes news and resources from HashiCorp, Honeycomb, Anthropic, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    HashiCorp Open Source Change Targets Competitors

    HashiCorp moves to a Business Source License for all its future product releases that prohibits use for commercial purposes, renewing questions about open core business models. The move is an effort to crack down on competitors that use its source code for commercial purposes.

    Yes, You Should Test on Production…

    Processes, practices, patterns and workarounds weren’t born because they are the right thing to do. They were born to address specific concerns in specific teams under specific circumstances. Employing them in a thoughtful manner is the engineering part of, well, software engineering.

    Industry Research

    Anything But Tech Debt

    Engineers often feel they aren’t allowed enough time to address tech debt. Product partners wonder why engineers spend so much time working on it—or at least talking about it. “The business” always seems to insinuate that engineers should do less of it, instead focusing on shipping value to customers.

    The Future of Open Source is Still Very Much in Flux

    Free and open software have transformed the tech industry. But we still have a lot to work out to make them healthy, equitable enterprises. The fact that open-source software is now so essential means that long-standing leadership and diversity issues in the movement have become everyone’s problems.

    Developer Venture News

    AI Startup Anthropic Gets $100M to Build Custom LLM for Telecom Industry

    Anthropic is on a fundraising spree. After its massive series C round in May and subsequent support from SAP, the AI startup, known for its ChatGPT competitor Claude, is raising an additional $100 million from South Korean telecom major SK Telecom.