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DevToolsDigest: Issue #225

This week's digest includes news and resources from the CNCF, WorkOS, Coralogix, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Super Useful VSCode Extensions

    It’s no secret that VSCode is an awesome text editor, and has quickly become the go-to coding companion for developers in all fields of work. As such, here’s a list of some of the most useful extensions Luke Prosser has come across over the last few years.

    Don't Lose Your Github Contributions When You Leave an Organization

    A Github profile for software engineers is like their resume, hence it's important to keep it up-to-date, authentic and relevant. Having a consistent contributions graph on your Github profile helps you get noticed by possible future recruiters and in general, it shows your consistency as a software engineer.

    Industry Research

    The Future of Open Source Contributions from KubeCon Europe

    With 65% of KubeConEU attendees at a CNCF event for the first time, albeit still during a pandemic, it makes for an uncertain signal for the future of open source. It either shows that there’s a burst of interest for newcomers or that there’s a dwindling interest in long-term contributions.

    Your Company = The Product

    In B2B SaaS it is important to think of your whole company as The Product. You can't view one team in isolation. A "win" in one part of your company, will often create extra work (and operational complexity) for other groups. So you have to consider the big picture.

    Developer Venture News

    WorkOS Raises $80M to Add Enterprise Features like SSO to Apps

    WorkOS offers a set of building blocks for adding enterprise features to apps, like OAuth (to enable sign-in with third-party providers including Google and Microsoft), “magic links” via email for passwordless authentication and support for SAML-based providers (which allow users to use one set of credentials across different websites).

    Coralogix Raises $142M for Lightweight Full-Stack Observability Platform

    Coralogix’s full-stack observability platform, powered by the organization’s Streama technology, has gathered lots of investor interest due to its ability to provide access to real-time assets, ML models, data transformation and alerting capabilities without relying on storage or indexing.

    From Heavybit

    Marketing to Developers is Not Hard

    Marketing to developers can be hard. Developer-focused companies like Twilio and DigitalOcean continue to thrive and expand, in numbers. Developers are a notoriously skeptical audience. With an increasing amount of tools that promise a silver bullet, devs have only become more discerning.