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DevToolsDigest: Issue #217

This week's digest includes news and resources from Google, Crunchy Data, Orbit, Docker, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Google Docs is Getting More Markdown Support

    Google is adding Markdown support to Google Docs on the web, letting you format your document using text shortcuts rather than keyboard ones. In a blog post announcing the feature, Google says it’s doing this through its autocorrect feature, so it will automatically format the text for you after you type it in Markdown format.

    Postgres Container Apps

    With Postgres Container Apps you can, from directly inside Postgres with a simple function call, spin up a container that is running right alongside your Postgres database. If you're curious to get started, feel free to jump over to Crunchy Bridge and give it a try or take a look at the docs.

    Gravity by Orbit

    Gravity is the field guide for product communities. A new print and web magazine from Orbit, issue one is all about analytics: it explores community analytics tools, how to determine community KPIs, and which metrics experts track and why.

    Industry Research

    GraphQL: Lessons Learned

    GraphQL can be really helpful in many ways if used properly which in fact can be generalized for a lot of “frameworks” out there. GraphQL has been an integral part of Treebo’s tech stack since mid-2018. This article covers what they learned as a team from the mistakes they made.

    What Observability ACTUALLY Is and Why It's Important

    Our industry doesn’t have the right definition of Observability and it’s going to cost enormous amounts of money and cause continued outages until that changes. Observability tooling is simply not fit for purpose right now, not from any vendor.

    Developer Venture News

    As Docker Gains Momentum, It Hauls in $105M Series C on $2B Valuation

    CEO Scott Johnston, who has been with the company for years in various capacities, made a very clear bet on the developer community, and it is paying off handsomely for him as he has been able to shape a successful business model since the restructuring.

    From Heavybit

    JAMstack Radio Ep. #98: Open Source Data Integration with Michel Tricot of Airbyte

    In episode 98 of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas speaks with Michel Tricot of Airbyte. Their conversation examines data distribution connectors, lessons on improving flexibility within tech stacks, and tactics for leveraging community resources as a startup.

    The Right Track Ep. #10: Getting to Know Your Users with Boris Jabes of Census

    In episode 10 of The Right Track, Stef speaks with Boris Jabes, CEO and Co-Founder of Census. They discuss the impact of SaaS on product releases, the challenges of stale data, insights on data ownership and how product management has evolved.