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This week's digest includes news and resources from Cloudflare, AWS, The Information, Vercel, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Getting There Ep. 1: The October 4th Facebook Outage

    Getting There is a new show about publicly-facing incidents, resilience, and human factors in computer systems. In this inaugural episode of Getting There, co-hosts Nora Jones and Niall Murphy unpack the October 4th 2021 Facebook Outage and the unforeseen challenges and responsibilities that emerge when responding to an incident of such magnitude.

    Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack

    Pages is now a Full Stack platform with help from Cloudflare Workers. It works the exact same way Pages always has: write your code, git push to your git provider (now supporting GitLab!) and they’ll deploy your entire site for you. The only difference is, it won’t just be your frontend but your backend too using Cloudflare Workers to help deploy serverless functions.

    AWS Announces AWS Amplify Studio

    At AWS re:Invent, AWS announced Amplify Studio, a new visual development environment that allows developers to create web application user interfaces (UIs) with minimal coding, while still empowering them to fully customize their applications’ design and behavior using familiar programming languages that power their web and mobile applications.

    Industry Research

    Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images

    This is a list of recurring anti-patterns that come up in container build pipelines, and suggestions to avoid them or refactor them into something better. Many of them are harmless when used separately. But when combined, they can easily compromise your productivity and waste time and resources.

    Facebook’s Decade-Old Missteps Should Be a Lesson for Web3

    Once upon a time, Facebook launched Open Graph, a way for users to carry their Facebook identities from app to app, thereby enabling developers to give them a personalized experience wherever they went. Rather than recreating an identity each time you went to a new app, you could leverage the identity you had already built through Facebook and the sum total of Open Graph developers leveraging the platform.

    Developer Venture News

    Vercel Raises $150M Series D to Build the End-to-End Platform for the Modern Web

    Vercel sits at the nexus of a number of industry trends, but maybe most importantly, it's part of the Jamstack movement. It was only last week that Vercel’s fellow Jamstack player Netlify raised $105 million.

    P.S. Catch both Netlify founder and Vercel VP Product at DevGuild!

    From the Heavybit Community

    Dec 15: Foundations For Repeatable Revenue w/ Figma, Netlify, Apollo GraphQL and Avo

    On Day 2 of DevGuild: Dev-First GTM, founders and leaders from Netlify, Figma, Apollo GraphQL, and Avo will share how their bottom-up models differ and hard won lessons from their time building repeatable revenue machines.

    Join us Dec 15 to hear what specific product usage data proved to be the best indicators for prospective revenue growth, what assumptions these teams made about their value propositions, and what they would do differently today if they had to build an early GTM organization from scratch. RSVP