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DevToolsDigest: Issue #205

This week's digest includes news and resources from GitHub, Netlify, freeCodeCamp, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Data Warehouse is the New Backend

    Architectural changes lead to huge opportunities for startups. Salesforce took advantage of the move to the cloud to steal market share from SAP. Figma rode the cloud wave to compete with Adobe. Applications built directly on the data warehouse may be the next wave.

    Infrastructure as Code

    It is becoming more and more important to automate infrastructure because applications can be deployed to production up to a hundred times per day. You don't want to have to do that manually. Infrastructures as code is is all about finding a way to describe using code what pieces of our infrastructure need to do.

    Oliver Jumpertz: Let's Talk About Rust

    Rust is a language with a steep learning curve but one of the most rewarding programming languages out there. It powers parts of AWS, Dropbox, and probably many other platforms you use.

    Industry Research

    The 2021 State of the Octoverse

    In this year’s Octoverse Report, the research tells you how to improve your performance and well-being by developing code, creating documentation, and supporting communities in smarter, more sustainable ways. For the first time, this research combines telemetry from 4M+ repositories and surveys from more than 12,000 developers. 

    Content Marketing for Founding Teams

    While it's just the founding the team and you're still working your way towards Product-Market Fit, it totally makes sense to not want to spend a ton of time on content marketing. This is for founding teams that don't have enough resources for someone to focus on content marketing full-time.

    Developer Venture News

    Netlify Raises $105M Series D to Transform Development for the Modern Web

    Netlify, the most popular way to build, deploy, and scale modern web applications, announced that it has raised $105 million in funding, valuing the company at $2 billion. They also announced the acquisition of OneGraph, a powerful GraphQL platform that simplifies the integration and management of APIs and services that web apps now rely on.

    From the Heavybit Community

    Dec 14: Effective Developer Product Design w/ Sanity, Hasura, Tailscale, and the CNCF

    Interested in learning more about the multi-pronged approach that companies take to build a product loved by developers, and sold to the enterprise?

    Learn from great founders and GTM experts about how they actually did the work of developer discovery, where they found success, and how they failed along the way. Our panelists will describe how their product vision survived first contact with users, then evolved to meet the right developer’s needs. RSVP