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DevToolsDigest: Issue #204

This week's digest includes news and resources from GitHub, Vercel, the CNCF, HashiCorp, and more.

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    The Week in Developer Tools

    Nat Friedman: Thank you, GitHub

    Nat Friedman is stepping down as the CEO of Microsoft-owned developer community and code repository GitHub. He’ll be replaced by Thomas Dohmke, GitHub’s Chief Product Officer, effective Nov. 15. Friedman will be chairman emeritus of GitHub, and the company said he’ll be returning to the startup world.

    Vercel Welcomes Rich Harris, Creator of Svelte

    Both Svelte and Vercel want to make building for the Web both enjoyable and fast. Svelte has been voted the most loved Web framework with the most satisfied developers and has a thriving community. Joining Vercel enables Rich to work on Svelte full-time, giving the project its first dedicated contributor.

    Industry Research

    Deep Dive into Node.js Architecture

    Node.js architecture is one of the hot topics for backend interviews. Having a deep understanding of Node.js' asynchronous nature is a must for all Node.js devs to code efficiently. 

    KubeCon Recap: What’s Next for Cloud Native Computing?

    There are three main themes that Chris Aniszczyk, CTO at the CNCF brings up. One is the Rust programming language and WebAssembly. Two is cloud-based integrated development environments (“Cloud IDEs“). The third is security, particularly software supply chain security.

    Developer Venture News

    HashiCorp Files for U.S. IPO

    HashiCorp Inc filed for a U.S. initial public offering, seeking to capitalize on investor appetite for software firms benefiting from a pandemic-induced digital shift. The company has reached nine-figure revenue scale, meaning that the unicorn worth some $5 billion or so back in 2020 is going to make a splash when it lists.

    From the Heavybit Library

    Scaling and Managing Your GTM Team w/ Vertex Ventures, Okta, Hasura, VMware

    Product-led growth doesn’t absolve technical founders from designing a sophisticated go-to-market strategy. In this session, Vertex Ventures Partner Sandeep Bhadra asks Betty Junod, Jake Randall, and Rajoshi Ghosh, about their experiences designing modern go-to-market organizations at VMware, Okta, Hasura, and Docker.

    Use Free Tools to Market Your Developer Product

    Adam DuVander is a developer, marketer, and founder of EveryDeveloper, where he helps great dev tool companies reach more of the right developers with content. In this post, Adam shares an excerpt from his book, Developer Marketing Does Not Exist, on how some of the best developer companies have used tools as marketing—with ideas for how you can do the same.