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DevToolsDigest: Issue #10

The latest from the dev tools community includes an update from Meteor, a LaunchDarkly extension for Microsoft services, a public beta from Opsee, a GA of Codenvy’s Developer Workspaces, and a developer-focused Safari release from Apple.

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The latest from the dev tools community includes an update from Meteor, a LaunchDarkly extension for Microsoft services, a public beta from Opsee, a GA of Codenvy’s Developer Workspaces, and a developer-focused Safari release from Apple.

Next-Generation Developer Workspaces

Codenvy made its next-generation developer workspaces available for organizations that apply agile methodologies to software development. Tyler Jewell, Codenvy CEO and Eclipse Che project lead, said in a press release, “Codenvy is the first enterprise offering based on Eclipse Che that empowers anyone, anywhere to contribute to any project without having to install software.”

Come Together

LaunchDarkly released a new feature flagging extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services. In arecent post, LaunchDarkly lays out how to manage feature flags using Visual Studio, citing benefits that include: flagging as part of the release process, team support, better feature/outcome visibility, and centralized feature/release lifecycle management. This collaboration between LaunchDarkly and Microsoft was a topic featured at the Build 2016 conference.

The Latest Developments

Meteor announced an update to their JavaScript application platform with Meteor 1.3. The update’s features include both unit and integration testing, the latest Cordova implementation for mobile app creation, as well as a Meteor Guide to accompany new releases.

This week Apple launched Safari Technology Preview for OS X and iOS. With this latest web browser version, Apple aims to provide developers with a preview of new tools, effects and layouts in order to gain user feedback. The new browser will offer iCloud support and will have the potential to update through the Mac App Store instead of relying on WebKit Nightly builds.

Going Public

Opsee released its public beta this week. A blog announcement details the new features of the beta, including a move to an AWS-only platform. Software agents have been replaced with isolated EC2 instances, and simplified health checks are prioritized over metrics as the main means of monitoring. As for a pricing plan, Opsee will be offered for free during the public beta period.

New from Heavybit

This week, Don’t Make Me Code reminds us that “Developers are People Too.” Hosts Steve Boak, CPO ofOpsee, and David Dollar, CEO of Convox, interview LaunchDarkly Lead Product Designer Justin Baker to discuss the human element behind the code.

The latest from Road To Growth brings Runscope sales engineer Yaron Sadka together with Scott Sambucci, founder of SalesQualia, to discuss sales success through manageable, repeatable frameworks.

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