DevGuild Enterprise-Ready Products

DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready Products

Before you sell to the enterprise, you need to BUILD for the enterprise. On October 11th, 2018, 200+ founders, CISOs, CPOs, and product leaders gathered to learn and discuss the baseline features required to deliver Enterprise-Ready Products.



Joe Ruscio
General Partner, Heavybit
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Joe Beda
Founder and CTO, Heptio

Edith Harbaugh
Founder and CEO, LaunchDarkly
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Mitchell Hashimoto
Founder and CTO, HashiCorp
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Thanks to the evolution of devops & the emergence of containers, applications are more portable now than ever before. So now the question is, how do startups build products to satisfy the needs of on-prem, cloud SaaS and hybrid cloud customer deployments?

Join HashiCorp CEO Mitchell Hashimoto, Heptio Co-Founder Joe Beda (Kubernetes & Google Compute Engine) and LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh as they discuss the impact of architecture on a company’s deployment options, and their visions of the future of deployment.

Grant Miller
Co-Founder and CEO, Replicated
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Kimber Lockhart
CTO, One Medical

Ralph Gootee
Co-Founder and CTO, PlanGrid
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Valentino Volonghi
CTO, AdRoll
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Led by Replicated CEO and creator Grant Miller, our finale featured One Medical CTO Kimber Lockhart, AdRoll CTO Valentino Volonghi, and PlanGrid CTO Ralph Gootee.

In this session, panelists discuss the frameworks they use to diligence technical products, the core enterprise features they need to satisfy their risk profiles, and the nuances of selling into their unique industries and businesses.


Marc Campbell
Co-Founder and CTO, Replicated
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Alex Solomon
Co-Founder and CTO, PagerDuty

Nick Mehta 
CEO, Gainsight
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Marianna Tessel
Chief Product Development Officer, Small Business & Self Employed, Intuit

When it comes to the enterprise, Service Level Agreements are no laughing matter. Enterprise customers pay to ensure less than 1% downtime, dedicated technical account managers, and stellar dev ops and incident response. It’s not enough to leave communication to the community and a status page.

Join PagerDuty Co-Founder Alex Solomon, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and Intuit’s SVP and Chief Product Development Officer of SMB (soon to be CTO) Marianna Tessel as they discuss what it means to offer high-availability and support to some of the world’s largest enterprises.


Every year the Vendor Security Alliance publishes a standard questionnaire to help enterprises vet their supplier’s security practices, and every year a handful of startups fail to meet those requirements. Whether IT decision-makers are looking at their risk management profiles at the architecture-level, product-level, or in their extended third party environments, security is always on their minds. Join Twilio’s Arianna Willett to hear about some of the core security concerns from her Enterprise Customer Trust Group and how she manages to assuage their fears through better implementation and product design.


Provisioning, deprovisioning, and permissioning user accounts from a central, single directory is no easy feat when you’re dealing with millions of users across a mess of interconnected applications. It’s one thing to offer your customers single sign-on (SSO) and role-based access control (RBAC), and it’s a completely different beast to implement it at scale. Join Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace as he discusses common mistakes in enterprise identity management, better practices to approach SSO and provisioning, and some of the top things to avoid when implementing SAML.


Grant Miller
Co-Founder and CEO, Replicated
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Uri Sarid
CTO, MuleSoft
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Most enterprises aim to connect their applications, devices, and most importantly data in a way that allows them to rapidly build and scale. MuleSoft CTO Uri Sarid likened it to “building an airplane mid-flight.”

Join Uri in a conversation on integration and the enterprise as he discusses the common pain points of a CIO. In this fireside chat he discusses how CIO’s must design for agility, interoperability and product defensibility, all while navigating the ever-evolving modern application stack.


If you think enterprise-level dashboards and alerts are just a nice-to-have, think again. Advanced reporting features don’t just justify the cost of enterprise software spending, they enhance a team’s ability to perform and respond. Custom dashboards offer data-driven context to IT decision-makers and a source of truth across applications, microservices, hosts and containers. Join CTO and Co-Founder of Datadog, Alexis Lê-Quôc as he covers the integral features required to support enterprise-level reporting.


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Mitchell Hashimoto, CEO, HashiCorp

Mitchell Hashimoto is the founder of HashiCorp where he focuses on helping teams of all sizes deploy modern applications into complex infrastructures spanning physical, cloud, virtualized, and containerized workloads. He’s held both the CEO and CTO position at HashiCorp and is widely recognized as the creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, and Nomad – a set of tools that help global companies provision, secure, connect, and run infrastructure for any application.

Eugenio Pace, CEO, Auth0

Eugenio Pace is CEO and Co-Founder of Auth0, a global leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) that provides thousands of customers in every market sector with the only identity solution they need for their web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications. Its extensible platform seamlessly authenticates and secures more than 50M logins per day, making it loved by developers and trusted by global enterprises. In this presentation, Eugenio will offer insight into product considerations Auth0 has made in identity and access management when catering to enterprise users at Auth0, specifically touching upon topics like SSO, Enterprise Federation, Multifactor Authentication, and more.

Arianna Willett, Security Risk, Trust & Compliance Leader, Twilio

Arianna Willett is the Security Risk, Trust & Compliance leader at Twilio. Over the course of her career, she has created and run security programs for companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 200. At Twilio, Ari has scaled her organization with the company’s rapid growth, including a successful $150M IPO. She is passionate about using transparency as the foundation of a successful business relationship. Ari graduated from Bentley University with a degree in information systems.

Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Nick Mehta is the CEO of Gainsight where under his leadership the company has become the Customer Success platform-of-record with an enterprise customer roster that includes companies like Box, Citrix, and CA Technologies and represents over $2.23 trillion of market cap.  Prior to Gainsight, Nick was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Accel Partners where he focused on developing opportunities in the enterprise applications and infrastructure markets. Before his time at Accel, he was the CEO of LiveOffice (acquired by Symantec for $115M) where he scaled technology to petabytes of storage, billions of objects, and 7 data centers worldwide.

Alex Solomon, Co-Founder, PagerDuty

Alex is the CTO and Co-Founder of PagerDuty and responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s product and technology. With the mission to help critical business technologies stay up and running, Alex is passionately attuned to PagerDuty customers and digital business operations. Prior to PagerDuty, Alex spent time as a software engineer at where he developed and maintained large-scale systems to help its supply chain run efficiently and reliably.

Edith Harbaugh, CEO, LaunchDarkly

Edith Harbaugh is the C0-Founder and CEO of LaunchDarkly where she helps customers like Microsoft, CircleCI, and Atlassian serve and manage over 10 billion features per day. She has 15+ years experience in product, engineering, and marketing and has previously held product leadership positions at Tripit and Vignette. She continues to mentor startups within the Heavybit community and is the cohost of “To Be Continuous,” a podcast on continuous delivery and software development.

Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO, Datadog

Alexis brings a strong focus on technical elegance and operational efficiency to Datadog. Prior to founding Datadog, Alexis Lê-Quôc served as the Director of Operations for Wireless Generation where he built the team and infrastructure that served more than 4 million students in 49 states. As a member of the original “devops” movement, Alexis spent several years as a software engineer at IBM Research, Neomeo, and Orange. Alexis holds an MS, CS from the Ecole Centrale Paris and has presented sessions on cloud monitoring and server performance at conferences including AWS re:Invent, Monitorama, DevOpsDays, Velocity, and PyCon.

Joe Beda, Co-Founder, Heptio

Joe Beda is the founder and CTO of Heptio, where he continues his work to support and advance the open Kubernetes ecosystem. He is the co-creator of Kubernetes, Google Compute Engine, and Google Container Engine. He has served as Entrepreneur in Residence at Accel Partners and before that worked for Microsoft on Internet Explorer during the dot-com boom. He is a second generation programmer with over 25 years of experience under his belt and has established himself as a leader in cloud computing.

Marianna Tessel, Chief Product Development Officer of Small Business & Self Employed Group, Intuit

Marianna Tessel is Senior Vice President and Chief Product Development Officer of Small Business and Self Employed Group at Intuit Inc. Ms. Tessel’s accomplished career includes engineering leadership roles at Docker, VMWare, Ariba, and General Magic. With over twenty years of industry experience, she has developed strategic partnerships, led engineering organizations, and catalyzed tremendous technology ecosystem growth. At the beginning of her career, she served as the Captain for Computer Center R&D in the Israeli Army. Marianna earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and has coursework toward an M.S. in computer science and brain research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Marianna has been named multiple times in The Most Powerful Women Engineers in Tech by Business Insider.

Uri Sarid, CTO, MuleSoft

Uri Sarid is CTO at MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks. Uri drives MuleSoft’s technology vision, innovation and platform architecture. He also founded the open source RAML project.

Kimber Lockhart, CTO, One Medical

Kimber is the CTO at One Medical, working to scale the technology innovations that underpin the re-invented doctor’s office and create a fully connected health engagement platform. Prior to One Medical, Kimber was the Senior Director of Web Application Engineering at Box where she oversaw front end and application tier architectures and defined expectations for senior engineering talent. Kimber co-founded cloud storage and document sharing startup Increo Solutions in 2007 (acquired by Box in 2009).

Ralph Gootee, CTO, PlanGrid

Ralph Gootee is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software, where he oversees product strategy for the company from design to development to delivery. He founded PlanGrid with Tracy Young, Ryan Sutton-Gee, Antoine Hersen, and Kenny Stone in the fall of 2011. Previously, Gootee was a systems rendering engineer at Pixar Animation Studios where he helped write tools for animators used in Cars 2, Toy Story 3, and Brave. Prior to Pixar, Gootee was a software engineer at Sony Ericsson working on their first Android phone.

Valentino Volonghi, CTO, AdRoll

Valentino Volonghi is Co-Founder and CTO of AdRoll Group, where he designs and implements its globally distributed architecture servicing over 30,000 customers all over the world. AdRoll Group’s infrastructure is an interesting mix of real time systems, machine learning and data processing happening at very large scale. Since 2014 Valentino has been an AWS Community Hero.


DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready Products is a half-day conference for founders, product leaders, architects, and CISOs who build SaaS products.

Through a combination of keynote sessions, case studies, and panels, we helped our guests identify the common features and capabilities that transform B2B software into enterprise software. Talks provided guidance gleaned from real-world situations, told from the point of view of founders trying to scale their businesses and buyers trying to embrace new technologies within the confines of their corporate requirements.


Date: Oct 11, 2018
Time: 1-5pm
Address: Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom Street, SF, CA 94103