DevGuild Enterprise-Ready Product

Enterprise-Ready Product

Before you sell to the enterprise, you need to BUILD for the enterprise. Join 200+ CPOs, founders, and senior product managers to learn and discuss the baseline features required to deliver an Enterprise-Ready Product.


DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready Product is a half-day conference for founders, CPOs, product managers, architects, and engineering team leads who build SaaS products.

Through a combination of keynote sessions, case studies, and panels, we’ll help you identify the common features and capabilities that transform B2B software into enterprise software. Talks will provide guidance gleaned from real-world situations, told from the point of view of founders trying scale their businesses and buyers trying to embrace new technologies within the confines of their corporate requirements.

We’re always interested in hearing from technical leaders in large enterprise companies to voice their challenges, needs and concerns in procuring new software while operating under enterprise-level compliance requirements.

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DevGuild and Heavybit are Safe-Spaces. See our code of conduct for details.


DevGuild’s committee of dedicated leaders from the Heavybit and Replicated teams are currently selecting topics based on the speaker submissions and abstracts we receive from industry leaders. We’re reviewing presentations on the following topics:

  • Roadmap Planning + Resource Allocation: Cutting-edge later stage companies share the implications and impacts of truly building an enterprise product.
  • Product Security: Demonstrable application security through best practices.
  • Deployment Options: Architecting products for modern deployment scenarios (for example, using cloud-native technologies and practices).
  • SLA & Support: A primer on the basics of enterprise SLA & support requirements.
  • User Management & Access Control: Allow for the separation of privileges by user role.User management/SSO/RBAC.
  • Integrations: Create data portability by allowing customers to pull data out and push data into your application.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Reports allow admins to demonstrate value gained from the use of an application.

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Date: Oct 11, 2018
Time: 1-5pm with a happy hour to follow
Address: Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom Street, SF, CA 94103

Folsom Street Foundry